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Green Lantern Corps #27 (What weak rhetoric Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:06 am

The Green Lantern books continue their hot-streak with another very good issue that really demonstrates how outflanked the Corps have been by the Durlans, and shows just how fucked they really are.

The issue kicks off with John Stewart and Fatality leading a group of Lanterns (including familiar faces like Vath Sarn, Iolande and an awesome snake dude called Oliversity) in an investigation of a destroyed Station House. They believe that it’s the doing of the criminals they were forced to free right before Oa’s destruction, but in doing so, they find a piece of technology that is able to drain their rings, just like Relic.

Those escaped criminals are a part in this story, as the Durlans reveal themselves to them, and bring them onside, and these aren’t just random alien scrubs, the likes of Kanjar Ro and Bolphunga are involved, so it’s people you’ve actually heard of.

The story really moves into high gear when the message DurlanHal broadcast in last week’s issue of Green Lantern happens, as John and his gang are bit with 100s of distress calls all at once. They head off to the nearest one, where they run right into a massive Khund warship. It’s these Khunds who attacked the Station House from the start of this issue, and so this becomes a rescue mission. The Lanterns are successful (duh), and in the process John discovers that the Durlans are behind all this, and that they are working with the Khunds to bring down the Corps. I thought it was a good touch from Jensen and Venditti to have Fatality kill the Khund prisoner, a nice reminder for John that his girlfriend is kind of a murderous psycho. John and his crew get ready to fly back to Mogo and tell everyone about the Durlans’ plot, but run headfirst into a full Khund warfleet, which is bad news. The GL books just keep on making things worse for the Lanterns, and I’m loving it, their backs are against the wall, so it’s going to be all the sweeter when they win.

The new recruits that have been a part of this book don’t get much play in this issue, but we do see the reaction of each of their home planets to DurlanHal’s message, so there are plenty of plot possibilities there.

In fact, the only real negative about this issue was that the art was inconsistent, with Bernard Chang not doing every page and Sean Chen stepping in. Chen is a very good artist, but I always prefer one person to draw everything.

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