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Top 10 Amazing Race Hotties

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:19 pm

10) Shana Wall
Amazing Race 12
Eliminated Leg 5

I'm not holding it against Shana that she once dated Ryan Seacrest. I'm not holding it against her that she was eliminated in the 5th leg (with hottie teammate Jennifer McCall) which kept me from watching their hot asses longer. I'm not even holding it against her that she appeared uncredited on an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. What I am holding against her is that she won't let me spy on her in the shower anymore. Stupid judge...

9) Dustin Konzelman
Amazing Race 10
Eliminated Leg 10
Amazing Race 11
Finished 2nd

Dustin and her partner Kandice were insufferable bitches. But you have to give them credit, they did well in two season of the Amazing Race. Dubbed The Beauty Queens, they were bitchy and conniving, but hotness is hotness and Dustin was hot. She met Kandice at the Miss America pageant in 2006 (Dustin was Miss California, Kandice was Miss New York) where they most likely engaged in hot lesbian sex (or signing up for the Amazing Race, I forget which one).

8) Danielle Turner
Amazing Race 9
Eliminated Leg 4
Amazing Race 11
Finished 1st

Danielle first appeared in Season 9 with her friend Dani (who was also fairly hot). They were morons and were knocked out in the fourth leg. That should have been the last we saw of her, but Danielle did what any other bimbo would do she found a guy to provide for her. She teamed up with fellow season 9 cast member Eric, who she was now dating, and returned for the All-Star edition in Season 11. He carried her all the way to the $1 million. I love a happy ending.

7) Starr Spangler
Amazing Race 13
Finished 1st

With her obviously gay-but-doesn't-know-it-cause-he-claims-to-have-a-girlfriend brother Nick, Starr Spangler avoided becoming the first porn star that didn't need a pseudonym. The brother/sister combo won 7 legs and Starr's short shorts always gave us a look at two more. Did I forget to mention that Starr was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Ah, fuck it. Just look at her boobs.

6) Kris Perkins
Amazing Race 6
Finished 2nd

Kris Perkins is someone that you appreciate more if you watch the Amazing Race. She is not the prettiest girl, but she has a lot of things going for her. She was really nice. She didn't fight with her teammate Jon. She was respectful to the locals. AND SHE HAS ENORMOUS TITS!

5) Kendra Bentley
Amazing Race Season 6
Finished 1st

Kendra and her fiance Freddy were fashion models who won the $1 million in Season 6. She was the typical ugly American. During a drive through Ethiopia she said, "This city is wretched and disgusting and they keep breeding and breeding in this poverty. I can't take it!" We don't love them for their minds folks.

4) Amie Barsky
Amazing Race 1
Eliminated Leg 5

Amy and her fiance (now husband) Paul competed in the first season of the Amazing Race. They weren't really memorable until you look at Amy now. She is an aspiring actress/model and met Paul when she was bartending in 1999. She was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and has starred in movies with heavyweights like Adam Goldberg and Gabriel Schwalenstocker. The topless slasher movie scene can't be far away.

3) Kristy Jensen
Amazing Race 6
Eliminated Leg 3

Kristy and her sister Lena were the Mormon team on Amazing Race 6. They were eliminated quickly so we didn't get to see much of Kristy. But one quick Google search and I saw what we were all missing. This is one hot Mormon folks. She's so hot that the guy she marries may choose to only have 2 wives.

2) Victoria Fuller
Amazing Race 6
Eliminated Leg 8

The hottest of the Season 6 hotties, Victoria had the distinction of being the first reality show contestant to be beaten by her husband on national TV (he claimed it was the editing - douche). Victoria was getting yelled at and pushed almost every episode under the guise of "the entrepreneur" team. What they should have focused on more was that Victoria was a Playboy centerfold (Miss January 1996). There are a lot of naked pictures out there so grab the Vaseline and check her out.

1) Amber Brkich
Amazing Race 7
Finished 2nd
Amazing Race 11
Eliminated Leg 4

It pains me to have Amber Brkich at #1, but the girl is smoking hot. She appeared on two seasons of the Amazing Race with her douche husband Rob. Amber also won $1 million on Survivor, appearing twice on that as well. She has the two pronged hotness attack. She has that girl next door look (if the girl next door was a millionaire hot piece of ass) that can be transformed into the slutty, I-will-do-terrible-things-to-you-and-you'll-like-it look. From top to bottom, Amber Brkich is the hottest woman to ever compete on the Amazing Race.


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