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Review: Daytripper

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:58 pm

Review: Daytripper
What is the most important days in your life?

Dayrtipper follows the most important days of Bras de Oliva Domingos and by the end of each nothing will ever be same in his life.

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon give the reader their vision of the life of a regular person and how it can be interesting and captivating.

How good is it?

Its very difficult to talk about Daytripper without giving away too much information. I'm not talking about spoilers but little details that are so sweet and wonderful that any reader should experience them without any preconceptions or previous knowledge of any kind.

To be blunt, this is one of the best books I've read in my 20 or so years of reading comics.

Daytripper is a book about the life of Bras de Oliva Domingos. A ordinary life filled with love and loss, dreams and realities. Bras is a regular guy. A writer that starts out by writing obituaries to the local newspaper and grows to be a novelist, just like his father.

Bras has the same problems you and me have / had. Father issues, first kisses, first real love, the love of our lives, acceptance of certain life facts and friends. This is what Daytripper is about. Of course I'm being over simplistic about this, after all I don't want to give too much away.

The story is told in an non-linear way. Every chapter details an important episode in Bras's life. Usually end with great metaphysical significance, which means that to signify some inevitable change in Bras's life Ba and Moon recur to allegories with great visual impact.

The brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba make a great creative team. Not only did they create a beautiful  and heartfelt story but also illustrated it in a masterfully way. The art is sheer elegance in it's simplicity. Sorry about the cliche but it truly is the best phrase to describe the art in Daytripper. Everything is very well define, clear, clean and beautifully colored.

Most of the book is talking heads. As you may imagine its hard to make talking heads interesting for a whole book. However the art style adopted in Daytripper manages to avoid any loss of interest by the reader.

Review: Daytripper
Bras and his second best friend
Review: Daytripper
A father is always a touchy subject

Would I recommend it?

Daytripper is a must have to any comic book reader. This book is as near perfect as it gets.  Whenever someone asks me for recommendations for comic books this is one of the first I remember. Its perfect to introduce new readers to comic books.

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon take a mundane subject like the life of a regular person and make it into a masterpiece about the human condition.

Publisher: Vertigo
Year: 2011
Authors: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba

Originally Published at Reading Graphic Novels


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