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The numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:59 am

Today I found myself with a severe boredom problem. So I gathered these numbers and decided to share them with you.
The numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1
Really bored today

I started RGN in 6 October of 2012. Why that date, well it is a special date for me and its as good as any other. All the stats were measured between 6th, October 2012 and 16th, January 2013.A) Reviews in numbersThe numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1Reviews in numbers
This is a very simple analysis that shows 2 things:
  1. I've only reviewed 27 books thus far;
  2. I'm getting faster at this reviewing thing.

B) Reviews in numbers by publisher 

The numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1
Reviews in numbers by publisher

This is a strange bunch of numbers. Why? Because I reviewed more Marvel books than any other publisher. It seems I read or have a higher inclination towards Marvel. That would be wrong.

The 5 books I reviewed (and soon will review a 6th) are the only Marvel books I've read in 2012 and 2013 thus far (except for the Oz books).

Superhero wise I only read one series by Marvel and nothing else. I do try to get the Classic books, but even that is getting shorter by the month.

In 2013 I'll try to review more Dark Horse, Image, IDW and Avatar books. I would love to review more Star Wars, Chew, D&D and some Warren Ellis books.

C) RGN's Global Stats

The numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1
RGN's Global Stats

As websites metrics go, these are the ones I value the most. I've worked on some websites over the years but this is my first blog. TBH I don't have a benchmark to compare my blog to, so I went to Alexa and took a peek at some of my favorite blogs stats. Its not as bad as I anticipated.

These numbers tell me that I haven't been able to create and captivate my target audience. At least not yet.
The pages per visit doesn't worry me. Most my visitors land directly on content pages, read and leave. I don't post that regularly so its natural that my visitors only have one new post anytime they visit.

Average time on site is lower than expected. Luckily it seems to be increasing. That can either mean my post are improving or harder to read. I hope its the first.

Bounce rate is high but I believe that is a Google Analytics problem. Like I said most my visitors land in the content pages. They read and leave. Google Analytics interprets that as a bounce. Also I place my posts on social networks like StumbleUpon and Reddit and that increases the bounce rate very much. More on that latter.

The percent of new reader I have no idea how to read. Should I be glad that 26.14% of my audience is recurring, or worried that RGN isn't captivating more readers? To better understand this I would be great to have a benchmark.

D) Main Referral Sources

The numbers behind RGN (AKA I'm bored) #1
Main Referral Sources

This is perfect to illustrate the Quantity vs Quality of "advertisement". I've submitted less than 1/6 of RGN's posts to Reddit  but that generated 350% more traffic than all the other top 10 referral sites where 100% of my posts appear (in one form or another).

The big difference is that most visitors that come from the other sites stay for longer and read more pages, thus having a better relationship with by blog. And for this I would like to thank each one for supporting RGN in on form or another. In no particular order:

E) Other stats

If you're still reading, hang on a bit longer. There are only 2 numbers left:
  • Review to post ratio = 50.94%
  • Comments to post ratio = 143.40%

To be honest it would be awesome to have more comments. Its great to interact with the readers, be it to discuss common likes or dislikes or to share constructive criticism or even just to say hi.

Thanks for visiting RGN and return soon.

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