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Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:02 am

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3
The Marvel Summer event of 2012 comes to Wolverine and the X-Men.

The mutants at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning have to choose what side they want to fight for. Wolverine tries to keep the normality of the School and the neutrality of his students, but something are just impossible to control.

Students strand up against teachers and friends will fight friends. Will the school ever be the same?!

How is it?

Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3 is a very disappointing book. If you read any of my previous Wolverine and the X-Men reviews you know I've loved the book from the start and have praised it a lot.

If you haven't read them, this a good opportunity, check them in these links:

  1. Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 1
  2. Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 2
  3. Wolverine and the X-Men Alpha & Omega

Sadly when judge this book by its own merits this book fails miserably. However Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw aren't to blame. They do their respective jobs as well as its possible. The problem is with Marvel editorial.

This book was dragged into the crossover event du jour and as a consequence it lost even the slightest shred of story telling ability  Its a disjointed mess of chapters, where stuff happens off pages (probably in other books) that radically change the dynamic between the characters and, unless you read the main event in order or you're Sherlock Holmes, you're going to be dazed and confused (in the bad way).

In order to be fair to the authors lets break this down in more manageable chunks.

The Good

Chris Bachalo's and Nick Bradshaw's art is amazing as it was in the previous volumes. Everything is vibrant and dynamic. The fights are really cool to watch. There are 3 characters they draw in a spectacular way: Ice Man, The Beast and Rachel Summers.
Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3
It is ON!

The latter is one of my favorite X-characters that as a bit of a spotlight in this volume. Rachel has to confront her past as a hunter of mutants when she is asked to do just the same. Jason Aaron does a good job fleshing out her inner conflict about using her mutant hunting ability to track down Hope.
Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3
Orders are orders
The last chapter is really good. Its about Warbird's origin. Ava'dara Naganandini, soldier of the Shi'ar Imperium, Royal Warbird, Deathbringer class is a much more complex character than she's had the chance to show. Once again Jason Aaron creates a very interesting background for a lesser character that not only fleshes her out as it opens a few door to future plots. I loved her sins, her depravity (its not what you're thinking) and her punishment  Saying more would spoil the best story in this collection.

The Bad:

Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3 is, for the lack of a better word, a clusterfuck.

Basically from chapter to chapter you get lost and confused. Lots of stuff happens in between chapters that you have no way to know, unless you're reading all the AVX books. Even if you were reading all the books that compose the AVX event, you'd have to read a chapter at a time from everyone of them. And it was up to you to figure out the correct reading order.

The Ugly:

Either Marvel had an enormous lack of vision or a disturbing lack of consideration for their readership.
Publishing such a disjointed and disconnected book is a huge mistake. I want to think this was a lack of vision and a bit of incompetence but it feels more like they did it this way to "force" the reader to buy other books he doesn't want to in order to understand whats going on.

Next time, please look how Dark Horse did it with Vector or how DC Comics did with Blackest Night. In Vector Dark Horse collect all the issues, in the proper reading order, in two easy to read volumes. DC opted for a different route. The involved tie in books had coherent narratives that contributed to the main event. When DC collected them, it read like a regular story arc that was readable and understandable on their own.

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 3
Hi, I'm here to hijack  the story.


Unless you're following the Avengers Vs X-men event, don't bother with this one. In fact stay away! This is a mess.

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Year: 2012
Pages: 112
Authors: Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, Nick Bradshaw

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