Reading Graphic Novels - Kickstarter: PAPA

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Reading Graphic Novels - Kickstarter: PAPA

Postby LOLtron » Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:00 am

Vera Greentea started another adventure in Kickstarter to fund the book PAPA. The book is written by Vera and the art is left at the capable hands of artists Ben Jelter, Lizzy John and Joseph Lacroix.

PAPA is a 50 page collection of 3 dark fantasy stories PAPA, The Princess and the Robot and Nightbirds.

Vera started the incentive rewards at $0 with some very cool free stuff in the comment section. That's right, you don't need to give anything to get something in return. But check out the incentive rewards, its a very rewarding project.

Reading Graphic Novels - 90593e541d886c95b022b2fef9c7d741 - 2013-02-16-16-30-21

Vera Greentea presents the project:
You can became a backer of this project and help Vera Greentea get this book to the printers and to fathers around the world until the 13th of April, 2013.I found this concept intriguing. At least intriguing enough to be curious about the book, The art style is moody and enviousness a felling of desolation and loneliness. Usually I'm interested in stories about parenting, or parent - sons/daughters relationship, but when you throw in some dark fantasy in the mix then there is no resisting it.For more information check the
Kickstarter project page.

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