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Greg gets Interviewed!

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Postby LOLtron » Sat May 29, 2010 4:12 am

ImageWell, this is a weird Face to Greg, because it's actually Greg being interviewed by Myspace Writers Interviews! Nice!Image

This is the Myspace Writers Interview, where yours truly interviews some of the latest up and coming talented writers on my friends list. My first guest in the writers interview is a guy who goes by the name of "Just Call Me Multiple" on my friends list. As the names implies, he is also known as "Xeero", "X", and "Xavier", but his real name is Greg. Multiple names aside, he is genuine guy who has an expression for story telling. Heres what he has to say.....

You can also check out the blog here:

1. Xavier. Or rather, Mr. Professor X?

I always liked Xavier for some reason. It sounds cooler and rolls out of the tongue more fluidly, lol.

2. *LOL* I know most people would call you Professor X, right?

Well, really X. It’s short for a nickname which is Xeero, but you can call me Greg or X, whatever floats your boat.

3. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well I’m an aspiring comic writer, film-maker, and actor. I’m also a broke brother who needs to get a job to satisfy my comic needs, heh. Obviously I’m a comic book junkie and a student majoring in film and minoring in acting, but if I had to choose, I’d just do comic writing hands down.

4. What inspired you to write? Give us a little description on your influences.

Damn, everything inspires me, really. I’ve been writing since kindergarten. Movies, books, walking down the street. I’m always thinking, so that helps out a lot and I’m constantly going through crap and emotions in my life and a lot of it tends to come out in my writing in some form or another, sometimes through symbolism. I’m also inspired by a lot of different writers and artists, film-makers too.

5. What do you think of the comic industry, and the writing talents today?

Honestly, I think the writers in the comic industry is fantastic. There’s tons of books being written by so many talented people that it sucks to be broke and addicted to comics. But the one thing that annoys me now in the comic biz is the constant tie-ins and event books that has you picking up more books to spend cash on. But hey, it’s all about money making. But what really ticks me off is when I’m trying to enjoy a good book but it’s not the writer’s vision because of a event coming up and they use the books I’m enjoying to push tie-ins and disrupt the writer from writing their damn books. Sadly, I’ve dropped a good number of books I liked because I grew tired of all the editorial mandated interference.

6. Does music influences you? If so, what kind of music do you like?

Aww man, how I love music. Like writing, it’s such a great outlet for whichever emotions I’m going through. Also, do to me always thinking and imagining scenarios, I’m constantly coming up with music videos for songs even though I don’t watch music videos anymore. Maybe once a month I’ll check out some videos. As for music I like, I’m into a bunch of stuff, but my love will always be rock music. I always stood out as the black guy who was obsessed with rock music, but I tend to venture out of the rock scene, though. I’m into stuff from No Doubt, Bush, Gorillaz, A Perfect Circle, Blindside, Roots Manuva, LOVE Bob Marley, Elan Atias, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Tori Amos, Lupe Fiasco, blah blah blah etc etc etc. You really don’t want me to go on, I’ll never stop.

7. Any books you are reading?

Whatever David Hine writes, I’ll read. The guy’s the most under-rated writer currently in the biz and I’m addicting to everything he writes. Currently he’s writing Spawn which gets a bad rep nowadays due to McFarlane, but with Hine writing, it’s fantastic stuff. X-Factor by Peter David, All Star Superman by Morrison. I also love to read the closed captions of movies, heh. I know, I’m weird, but lately I’ve been into a lot of scripts, usually Tarantino or Burton films. Also, a lot of horror, just as long as I could find something to relate to a character or whatever.

8. I have to ask. Is it me, or is Gail Simone a good writer? *LOL*

Nah, man, it’s not just you. The woman is fantastic. I’ll admit I don’t track down much of what she writes, but everything I’ve read of hers I’ve always had a blast reading. She’s able to combine so much stuff like action, drama, humor, etc into her work and everything just pops up. She’s great.

9. Did you know there is a petition online for Uwe Boll to cease from making anymore movies?

Where do I sign? Honestly, I’m not really one of those guys who bashes his films, one reason being that I stay away from them because I know I won’t be much into them. I’ve seen a few of his stuff and they’re not for me but I definitely think he should keep going if it’s his dream. The only thing is I wish he’d stop making video game films because he’s pissing off a lot of gamers. I myself am not a huge gamer, but if I found out he bought the properties for Devil May Cry, I’d work my butt off to make sure he loses them. I think it’d be best he writes and creates his own stuff.

10. You may have answered this already, but can you elaborate with us on black characters and black comic writers then and today?

Well, in my comic column I went on a rant on black writers writing black characters. Not a rant against them but a lot of people get annoyed with black writers and get pissed off somehow when they write black characters because to those readers it seems forced and done for "PC" reasons, yet they don’t bat an eye when a writer creates ANOTHER white character or writes a white character. That’s just total bull and totally pisses me off. I think like a lot of jobs a lot of the workers are of course white, but what is wrong with a black man writing their race? Why is that such a taboo thing? It’s as if when a writing is writing a black character, the character must be black for a reason or else he shouldn’t exist. What does that tell us about how we think today? I think all types of characters should be written, quite frankly. I think the comic biz should have more minorities whether it’s race or sexuality to relate to the people in the world today. The only thing that could be a real problem, though, is that while many people may ask for more minorities, once a minority is portrayed as a bad guy, they’re quick to go into arms, so in the end it’s a broken battle and double edged sword. Just what exactly do we want, really?

11. Final word. What advice can you give to an inspiring writer out there, as well as myself?

Keep writing, keep reading, keep getting inspired and keep a notebook with you at ALL TIMES! You never know when you’ll come up with an idea. Hell, bring a notebook to when you have to take a dump. I’ve gotten a few ideas while sitting down on the toilet and then once I’m done, the ideas just vanish. I hate that.

12. Should we just call you Mr. Professor X instead of "Mulitple"?

In the words of Sugar played by Drew Barrymore in Batman Forever, "You can call me whatever you want." But Multiple would be fine, lol.

*LOL* Xavier, ladies and.......ladies!!!!

Damn you, lol.

I’m currently writing a comic column named Face to Greg where I write about whatever is on my mind. The website is a web-comic site where a bunch of people put out their work and they’re all amazing and hilarious and we have a good time. I’m glad to be writing for them. The link to my page is here...

http://www. bludblood. com/joomla/index. php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=25&Itemid=51

Please, do check me out and everyone else, sign onto the forums and just chill out. In the upcoming months I’ll be reviewing Strange Embrace and interviewing the writer, David Hine. So it’s bound to be fun.

You are the man, X!! ^_^

No, you’re da
Posted originally: 2008-04-10 05:32:22

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