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Your Top Modern Characters part 28

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:51 am

We are at 10 points, people, Cheer. Hug each other. This and the next group are characters that got points adding to 10, the third group are people who got a single point of 10, ready? Good..
247. Four Characters (10 points each)


Year first appeared: 2001

This is the exact paragraph word for word I wrote in the Top X-folk list, I tried to write a new one, but couldn't. So, screw it. This character gives me a migraine.

Xorn. I am going to try to sum up Xorn in a paragraph, there is a good chance I will screw stuff up. So, Xorn was a mutant who was supposed to be made of energy and a captive by the Chinese government. He joins the X-Men and causes a revolution because he is really Magneto. But he really wasn't Magneto, it was someone posing as Magneto. There is another Xorn somewhere, who this Xorn was impersonating while he was impersonating Magneto. Later Xorn, being an energy being possesses the REAL Magneto, then gets thrown into the sun by Sentry. What does a stroke feel like? I think I just had one typing this paragraph



Year first appeared: 1993

Another Stormwatcher? Well, I will be dammed. Born to alien warrior Zealot and John Colt, Nikolas was raised in a foster home in Serbia to protect him from his parent's enemies. He became a gifted gymnast, eventually earning a spot on the Soviet Olympics Team. This lead to his forced "recruitment" to Russian Elite Forces. He was stationed in Afghanistan and was in active fighting. He was wounded there and this made him deeply resentful and bitter of the Russian Government. He was activated by the United Nations and placed in Stormwatch. He became a loyal and competent member; even becoming field leader of Stormwatch Prime. He was supposedly murdered by Aliens (from the Aliens movie) in the WildC.A.T.s/Aliens crossover. This happened when he flew an alien infested Skywatch into the sun to keep the Aliens from infiltrating Earth. Later in the Wildstorm event, Nikolas was revealed to be alive but trapped in the sun. Being in the sun was like Hell for him, and he went insane. He was brought back by the Authority and "placed" into a younger, cloned body.

He has ability to absorb energy and channel it into many different ways. He had proven he could absorb kinetic energy, radiation and heat. This enabled him to increase his durability, to move at super speeds, fly and heal himself. Winter did seem to have limitations, such as ability "peaking", and cut-offs. Such as he was unable to heal his mangled hand in WildC.A.T.s/Aliens, this was probably due to exhaustion


ImageU-Go Girl

Year first appeared: 2001

Born and raised in a small midwestern town, Edie often felt like a stranger in the presence of her own father. Restless and eager for bigger, better things, she became pregnant by a young drifter when she was fifteen. Edie confessed to her parents when she could no longer hide the signs, and soon discovered the truth about her own parentage: she herself was the daughter of an anonymous drifter whom her mother slept with, and the man who raised her as her father was unable to have children. Instead of disowning Edie, her parents formed an elaborate lie to protect her. She was pulled out of school under the ruse of an illness, and her mother began putting a pillow under her dress to pretend that she was pregnant. Thus, when the child was born she would be raised as Edie's sister rather than her daughter. Edie's power of teleportation fully manifested when she first looked at her daughter's face and felt a powerful urge to "get away." She appeared atop the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

A few years later, Edie returns to Los Angeles to make her fortune. She struggles as a waitress and an actress until she became smitten with X-Force leader Zeitgeist and decides to try out for the team. She perfected her "aim" with her teleportation and came up with the codename "Tele-Girl"; she became U-Go Girl after she accidentally flashed a crowd during her team tryout and someone screams, "You go, girl!"

U-Go Girl could teleport herself and others (in a radius of five feet) across the globe, although, this process was physically draining, and she was dependent on a stimulant to keep her energy high enough to continually teleport the team. Unfortunately, overuse of the stimulant throws off her power's ability to "aim" her jumps. She often fell asleep after multiple teleports. The longer the jump the more she must rest. Edie also has light blue skin, which she appeared to have in childhood, well before her initial power manifestation.

The Heckler

Year first appeared: 1992

Stuart "Stu" Moseley, co-owner of "Eats", a skid row diner in the ghetto section of Delta City, fights the injustices and slightly goofy criminal element as The Heckler, armed only with his sarcastic wit and a brightly colored costume. Stu's motivations and origins are unknown. Possibly he's just a glutton for punishment, for it seems that he receives no respect from his contemporaries in either his civilian or costumed alter ego's existence.

The best way to describe the Heckler is that he might possibly be the equivalent of Bugs Bunny in the DC Universe, i.e., a wise-ass who seemingly possesses the amazing ability to scrape through any situation on his wits, constantly leaving anyone who opposes him the "butt" of the joke.

A costumed fighter with only average strength and agility, Stu relies heavily on his razor-sharp wit to enrage and baffle his adversaries to the point of blinding frustration, opening a window of opportunity that he will exploit to his benefit. The Heckler also possesses an immeasurable level of durability that frequently allows him to quickly recover from extreme amounts of physical damage. Being swallowed whole by a monstrous beast or falling to the Earth from staggering heights only to bounce back minutes later speak mildly of The Heckler's ability to absorb and recover from damage. His access to this ability sometimes teeters on the edge of invulnerability.



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