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Words of Wisdom: Tolerating the Intolerant

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:04 am

Let me begin this by stating that I amunequivocally NOT a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu,Rastafarian, Pastafarian, or Sumerian Cult member.... Nor am I anatheist. Last bit got ya didn't it. Leads you to ask, "Well what do youbelieve in you loony bastard?"Every civilization from the earliest days whenmen were living in caves and picking each others lice for story timesnacks has, in some form or another, believed in a higher power. Abeing(s) or force to explain the unexplainable, and with this comes afeeling of connection to everyone. Of course as soon as belief wasrecognized, people immediately began to use it as a divider, separatingthemselves as superior to anyone whose practices or mannerisms theyfound distasteful. So the force that should have been uniting us allthese centuries, has instead been corrupted by men’s paranoia, fear,and ego, to keep us divided. Faces and names were given to God(s), andmen in power would write down rules that they claimed God(s) wanted thepeople to follow. Many of these rules were ridiculous and inane,serving only to curb behavior the writers in power deemed unseemly.However at the very heart of every single major religion resides onecore set of beliefs, the ones most often overlooked by every religiousleader and follower, exists. Simple, common sense rules, which can besummed up thusly:

 Try Not To Hurt Anyone
Try to Help Others Whenever Possible
Try To Be A Good Person
Try To Find Happiness

Everything else is just bullshit meant to keep people afraid and easily controlled.

So it is my belief, that all religions areright, there is a God, he is Benevolent, and he does want us to getalong with each other. It is also my belief that all religions arewrong, men cannot know every facet of God, and any man who claims tospeak for God is lying and serving only himself.

The Bible, Quran, Talmud, Torah, Book Of Mormon,Dianetics, Hindu, Shinto, and Buddhist texts... they are all nothingmore than storybooks and manifestos for people who have no desire tothink for themselves and open up their eyes and minds to the greateridea.

But I don't expect everyone to believe the sameway I do, hell I don't expect ANYONE to believe the same way I do.Unfortunately, this expectation is not reciprocated. 

In the most of Europe and the Americas,Christianity has dominated and controlled every aspect of life for 2000years. To the point that only until very recently in it's history, itwas a crime punishable by death to hold any other belief, or questionthe popular conceptions of that belief. Christianity, more than anyother religion in history, has forced itself on other cultures, throughboth subversion and strong arm tactics. Forcibly converting entirepopulations, to the point of eradicating any who opposed them, to theirmore modern tactic of moving into impoverished and starving societies,and offering charity for conversion.

Christianity has dominated the western world tosuch a degree, that only in the last 30 years could an average citizenopenly admit to having other beliefs without being criticized orostracized. Even worse, there are so many factions of Christianity whocite inconsequential practices and beliefs as a matter of separation,that it boggles the mind. Even amongst themselves Christians can't getalong. Catholics don't like Protestants, Baptists don't likeMethodists, Lutherans don't agree with Presbyterians, and none of themlike Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons. 

Whets funny is, they all want their religion tobe taught in public schools, yet none of them can even decide which oneof their religions is the right one.

Christian domination of every aspect of life inthis country is so prevalent that not only do politicians panderexclusively to it, but also countless television shows and even entirenetworks are dedicated to inundating as many people as they can. AcrossAmerica many counties exist with laws and customs in place with noother basis than Christianity. Dry County Laws, Blue Laws, laws againsthomosexuality, these laws have no basis in equality or protection ofthe common people and instead are merely in place to discriminate andsubjugate the people in accordance with religious beliefs. It is verytelling that after fleeing Europe due to religious prosecution (fromother Christians) the immediate response upon arriving in the new worldwas to subjugate the native population and force them to adoptChristianity. 

Only very recently, within my lifetime in fact,has questioning the Christian domination of this country becomeallowable. Our societies are the world leader in social andtechnological comfort, yet it took us this long just to get to thepoint where we are beginning to uphold the basic principle that unlesseveryone is equal, none of us are. We can finally put into practice theconstitutional amendment of freedom not just of religion, but from itas well. 

Of course, now, after all this time of beingin complete and total power, that the pendulum is beginning to swing,the Christians are suddenly coming out in droves to claim they arebeing persecuted against.

And now, after all this time of having completeand total control, when finally the hypocritical "Christian morality"is being stripped from government, and people are openly speakingagainst Christian moral majority control in this country, thatChristians, who still hold more power collectively than any other groupin the country, are whining that they are being persecuted against,always without regard to any point of view but their own. They wantprayer back in school, but would openly riot if that prayer wereanything but Christian. They want God in the Pledge of Allegiance, butwould call anyone who said Allah or Jehovah instead treasonous. 

A Christian in America complaining aboutpersecution is like a millionaire complaining that his Rolls Royce getsdirty when he travels on public roads. Or the bully who finally getsbeaten up by one of his victims then cries about how unfair it was.Christians get no sympathy from me. Especially since anyone who feelsthe need to openly proclaim their religion to anyone and everyonewithin earshot is by nature, not a Christian.

And make no mistake, other religions are everybit as bad, every bit as corrupt, and every bit as worthy of criticism.The reason I don't spend as much time talking about them, is becausethey are based in countries that have not yet reached a point in theirsocietal advancement where questioning the belief, or openly believingsomething else, is possible. Here in the west, we have advanced to thatpoint. And we have no excuse to let the status quo of domination by themajority religion continue.

So Christians, until you are forced to changeyour names, until you are forced onto reservations, until you arerequired to stop speaking your native language, please stop yourwhining. No one in America is asking you to stop believing in whateveryou want to believe in, or practicing in accordance with those beliefs.All anyone is asking of you is that you stop forcing everyone else todo so.

Go here to discuss.

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