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Cleaning The Plate for 11/12/08 - Spoilers

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:02 am

Thought I’d step back in the review arena folks and touch on a few books this week that my esteemed colleague didn’t get to. Image 

Amazing Spider-Man #577
This title has been real hit or miss for me since... well you could probably guess. This story, that features the return of The Punisher and villain, Moses Magnum, is disappointing, to say the least. Zeb Wells tries his best to keep Peter in that joking rhythm that the last two teams seemed to excel at, but it seems to fall flat. In fact the only character that rings true is J.J.J., and the only moment that I actually enjoyed in this issue. Not of fan of Rivera’s art, either, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. This book is still a train wreck for me. One moment seems to acknowledge that Peter is aware of his marriage, and the next he seems oblivious. Add to the fact that we now are getting three issue’s a month and the Spider-Tracer killer, sub-plot, has been lingering as long as a sailor’s cheap cologne, seems to make this book a roller-coaster ride without many thrills.


Green Arrow & Black Canary #14
The last issue for Judd Winick, and for many people I probably hear a cheer rise up. I’m not a Winick hater, myself. Some stuff I enjoy, some I don’t. Issue #14 wraps up, and yet doesn’t, the story of Connor Hawke’s rehabilitation after being shot in the head. We find out that Sivana was playing God with Connor’s DNA, which has caused some kind of mutation; giving the young Green Arrow the power to heal at an incredible speed. The power to heal! Not enough heroes have that ability. There are actually some nice moments between Ollie and Connor, and the fact that the son can no longer shoot a bow, but still knows how to kick some serious butt, is intriguing. A quiet moment between Ollie and Dinah at the end gives Judd his wave goodbye, but also makes me realize that Black Canary has been put on the back burner, character wise, for too long, now. I’m giving this issue a straight C. Which is what I’d probably give his entire run; not bad, not great. Just an average read.


Batman: Cacophony #1Image
Kevin Smith, the man who brought Green Arrow back to the living, returns to DC with this three part mini that brings back one of Kevin’s favorite GA villains: Onomatopoeia. The story also involves Deadshot, The Joker, and Maxie-Zues who has created a new designer drug with the help of some Joker Juice. Kevin’s got a nice handle on Batman’s voice, reminding us in a scene with the every frightful Zsasz, that for every battle Batman wins, he loses another. I really enjoyed the opening issue of this mini and hope that it continues to be enjoyable. Perhaps it’s because there is no continuity issue’s here that made it enjoyable, but I’m glad Kevin is back, and by the scene where Joker drops his pants for Deadshot, he hasn’t lost any of his uniqueness.

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