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Cat Scratch Corner: Hawkeye #1

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:34 am

Here's the latest blast from the past coutesy of Cat Scratch.  Continue reading for a synopsis and review of this classic issue written by Mark Gruenwald featuring art by Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding.ImageThe Story :

"Listen To The Mockingbird"
Hawkeye is flying above Cross Technologies, his employer, on patrol. He finds three men
trying to break and enter one of the buildings, he quickly takes them out from his
new rocketsled. It's truns out to be an exercise with some of the men under his command
and the builder of his rocketsled. Shiela Danning then arrives and reminds Hawkeye of
their up coming date that night. Together on his rocketsled, they travel to Hawkeye's
penthouse apartment, Hawkeye is refelctive on his recent life as he cleans and dresses
for the date. She asks him about himself and recounts his origins.

Hawkeye's alarm beeper goes off, he quickly changes into his costume and is off the deal
with it. He finds that a warehouse has been broken into. He confronts the intruder, who,
after some action, turns out to be ex-SHIELD agent Mockingbird, turned crime fighter.
The action continues as she explains that she's following up on a tip that mind control
tech is being made at Cross. Hawkeye and his now arrived security team take charge of
Mockingbird. He leaves her in their care as he returns home to continue with his date.

He instead asks to continue in th future as Mockingbird's story has intrigued him. He
tells this to his date, she agrees to his request and he's off to investigate.
As he secretly checks things out in the warehouse, the lights come on and he's attacked
by his own men. He acts quickly and takes out the lights and then begins to do so also
with his traitorous men. But then one of them calls out that he's captured and is holding
Shiela prisoner, she is and she calls out to Hawkeye. He surrenders and is thrown into
a machined out pit containing Mockingbird. Hawkeye demands to see that Shiela is safe.

Shiela stands looking down at Hawkeye with contempt. She reveals that she and the others
are all employed to fool Hawkeye, that her romance with him was nothing more then a lie.
He can't except it, Shiela and the men begin to pour industrial waste down on Hawkeye
and Mockingbird. With a remote control, Hawkeye summons his rocketsled and launches a
line to it, freeing himself and mockingbird from the toxic wastes that began to threaten
them both. Hwakeye then confronts Sheila at her office, he reclaims his bow which she
had taken. He leaves after hot words are exchanged, Hawkeye having learned that he was
hired as a scam by Cross to seem on the up and up. He leaves and is joined by Mockingbird.

The Review :
The art was a surprise, Mark Gruenwald?!?! Wow, not bad stuff. I've seen better,
but it was clean and simple and did tell the story nicely. Perhaps it was Breedings inks
that made it all possible, but I doubt it.

The story was a nice follow up to what had previously happened in The Avengers
prior to this publication, but it does leave those not in the know a little lost. A
little cliched but not bad for a start on Hawkeye's first solo adventure. Simple but
kept to a good pace and setting up the story and informing of who Hawkeye is to some

Overall, I liked it. This comic did get me hooked for the rest in the day as I liked
what was going on with Hawkeye in the pages of the Avengers to that point. It showed
that he could have a solo and seem as great a character as he did in the Avengers. Not
bad for the day and rather enjoyable for a Hawkeye fan.

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