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Your Top Marvel Villains part 9

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:04 pm

ImageOne Spidey villain and two space bitches in this batch.


Image147. Vulture (15 points)

Dr. Scarlotti, the original Vulture was a criminal scientist who battled the android Human Torch in the years following World War II. Years later an engineer and inventor named Adrian Toomes designed an electro-magnetic harness with a pair of wings to commit crimes with the goal of further financing his inventions as the Vulture.

After Toomes was defeated by Spider-Man and incarcerated he revealed the location of a second Vulture costume to his cellmate Black Drago. After escaping prison Drago used Toomes' technology to engage in criminal activity. Drago was defeated by Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter and sent back to prison. He teamed with his cellmate Toomes to escape and seek revenge upon Spider-Man, but when free, Toomes turned on Drago to humiliate him and reclaim the sole mantel of the Vulture.

Shortly after Toomes was re-incarcerated, Dr. Clifton Shallot, a professor at Empire State University acquired the Vulture's wings from prison authorities. Using his expertise in biology he altered his appearance and granted himself powers similar to the Vulture. Shallot was cured of his mutation and brought to justice by Spider-Man.

After years of exposure to elements in his wing harness, which allowed him to fly, Toomes contracted cancer. The criminal scientist eventually was cured and physically rejuvenated becoming an even more dangerous menace


146. Nebula (16 points)

Nebula was a spaImagece pirate who believed that she was the granddaughter of Thanos. She often had conflicts with Starfox and Earth superheroes such as the Avengers. However, when she actually encountered Thanos, he denied having dropped progeny.

Nebula's wrist blasters are able to fire both concussive blasts, which knock out opponents, and heat blasts that simply incinerate them. Nebula wears a device that allows her to change the appearance of her body and clothes. Unclear if it this is only an illusion or actual shape shifting. Otherwise she relies on her skills on armed and unarmed combat. She is supposedly of "gifted" intellect and has been described as a master strategist.


145. Queen Veranke (16 points)

I can hear the gImageroans and boos now. Whether you like it or not, she was a major player along side Skrull Pym, who didn't make the list. It all started back when the Illuminati invaded the Skrull throne world. They were captured and experimented on, which her scientists were able to gather more data on human evolution than is even known on Earth. They can now strip away the basics of human, mutant, or Inhuman DNA, replicate it, and use it to create a new model of Super-Skrull warriors.

Upon hearing of this plan to infiltrate Earth, Veranke says she will be joining the invasion force. She says that since she was banished from the Empire for years, she insists that she will be leading this invasion. She asks Dro'Ge which Earthling she could pose as to create the most amount of damage and Dro'Ge presents her with an image of Spider-Woman. Using HYDRA as a front several Skrull infiltrators goaded the true Spider-Woman into undergoing a procedure that would give Jessica Drew her power back. Once Jessica was out cold, Veranke underwent a ritual that not only gave her the appearance of Jessica Drew but also all of her memories. During her tenure as Spider-Woman, Veranke manipulated everyone from The New Avengers to HYDRA in order to create a sense of fear, paranoia and mistrust.

Blah blah blah Secret Invasion yadda yadda yadda big battle in NYC. She got injured by Clint Barton aka Ronin aka Suckface*. But he couldn't do the job, which is no surprise. When she tried to counterattack, all the heroes were aiming at her but it was Osborn who killed her by planting a bullet in her head. With her death, the Skrull Invasion and their dream of a new home were finally over. With Veranke dead and their two back-up plans to destroy Earth in case they failed in their attempt to take over the planet now thwarted the Skrulls retreated into the stars.



* EDITOR'S NOTE -- BubbaKanoosh is a hater. Hawkeye is a great great man. 


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