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Cleaning the Plate for 2/25/09 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:39 am

The Good, The Bad, and The End
Teen Titans #68Image

When a particular comic becomes such a cornerstone and icon to its Publisher, there are usually big shoes from the past that need to be filled. From Marv Wolfman up to Geoff Johns, Teen Titans has had some strong storytellers, and a few that were not so strong. Sean McKeever is continuing to fill those shoes with capability and panache. This perfect little character piece spotlights Eddie and the loss of his Red Devil persona as well as Kid Eternity’s personal issues as they travel to Hell in search of Eddie’s contract. What makes this issue so good is that it once again shows how invested Sean is with not only these characters but with creating a new and solid foundation as he creates a new team. There’s nothing to complain or pick at with this book; Sean Mckeever is rolling right along and we should all be enjoying the trip. My Score: B+

Fantastic Four #564

So has Christmas come early or just really late in the world of Marvel’s First Family? An even more important question is: How has such a once great and powerful comic book gone so far off track? The Richards family takes time off during the holidays and head to Ireland. Of course there’s a mystery that involves children and puts the ultra genius daughter, Val, right at the center of it. Huh. Or should I say – meh. I’ll be honest here. There is no suspense, no character development... nothing. This is probably the least enjoyable comic on the market today, and this issue represents everything that is wrong with it. If the Fantastic Four wants to reclaim the name: Worlds Greatest Comic, it better find a way to breath some new life into it. My Score: F

She-Hulk #38

February has been a month of saying goodbye to old favorites, and She-Hulk is just the latest, but in this writer’s opinion, the saddest to depart. The good thing is that Peter David has gone out at the top of his game with this book, and given Jennifer and team a nice little curtain call to go out on. Witty and poignant at times, David has focused on the importance of friendship to leave us with. Both Dan Slott and Peter David deserve a standing ovation on making this series fun and relevant. I just hope that Marvel is smart enough to bring her back quickly. My Score – Final Issue: A-. Entire Series: A

Blue Beetle #36

And still another goodbye to a great book. Rarely does a series get even better after the original team leaves, but even with the departure of Giffen, this book just kept getting better and better with Dan Sturges. Although the final issue felt just a bit rushed, not much, but a little; Dan has given us a proper goodbye to the secondary characters while reminding the readers that Jamie is still around and will continue the legacy of both Dan Garrett and the beloved Ted Kord. It’s a real shame that such well written and beautifully drawn books have to be cancelled. Especially when they had the potential to have the title: “Worlds Greatest Comic.” My Score – Final Issue: B+. Entire Series: A

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