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Cleaning the Plate for 11-26-08 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:20 am

Here's a new batch of reviews.

ImageNova #19
This book has been a non-stop thrill ride from the word go. I have to admit that I have read none of the Annihilation stuff, but was a huge fan of Nova back in the day, so I was excited to see the series return. The story picks up not long after the revelation that the Nova Corps is back again. They are on a routine mission to save hostages from the Serpent Society (a much under used Terrorist group in my opinion), which is how we are introduced to each one separately. I found each character to be interesting; with some great potential. I hope they continue to be a strong presence in the book. World Mind chooses not to remerge with Richard, fearing for his long-term sanity, and houses himself at Project Pegasus. And if that isn’t enough change for this issue, Richard meets the newest member of the Nova Corps – his younger brother! I can’t help but love every aspect of this book, and this issue is a prime example. Even though this is a transitional story, there is more going on than the first three issues of Final Crisis, combined. If you’re not reading this series folks, you really should be. My score: A-


Wonder Woman #26
Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Gail Simone fan. I’ve never been disappointed in anything she has written, so it pained me to say that the last few issues of this book had been fun, but not everything I had been hoping for. Boy did this issue change that! Gail and Aaron have created a brilliant new villain in Genocide. This is a antagonist that could very well be one of the best created in the last ten to fifteen years; something that the character of Wonder Woman has sorely needed. Gail has always had a flare for rounding out the supporting characters, and this issue proves that she hasn’t lost her touch. There is so much more that I haven’t mentioned here, that helps create the feeling of real impending doom not only for Diana, but the entire Amazon mythos, that I don’t have enough space. Suffice to say, I owe Ms. Simone a huge apology; I very nearly began to doubt her. I was so wrong. My score: B+


ImageSecret Invasion: Inhumans #4
Now this is the way a limited series that ties in with a major event should be! With Black Bolt captured by the Skrulls and about to be turned into a major weapon, it’s up to the Royal Family to rescue him, as well as the Black Bolt and Medusa’s son. In doing so, Medusa must make a deal with the Kree, which includes the arranged marriage between Crystal and Ronan! Each member of the family gets to shine in this mini-series; however, what makes this the best tie-in to the major Marvel event is that it not only stays true to the characters, but there are actual ramifications to there part in the invasion. Joe Pokaski gets these characters! He makes sure that the event is used to further the story of The Inhumans. And with the newfound alliance between them and The Kree, as well as the impending marriage, things are going to change for these folks. It also cements the belief that I’ve held for years. There isn’t a more romantic couple in comic book history like Black Bolt and Medusa. Not only is Pokaski able to remind us of this with his great writing, but Tom Raney’s art captures the pain of separation, the determination of a woman whose love for her husband is still as strong as ever, and the joy of their reunion. This is the best part of Secret Invasion to date! My Score: A

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