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Cleaning the Plate for 4/1/09 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:18 pm

Reviews from the great state of Minnesota!
Cable #13

Chapter two of “Messiah War” finds Cable, Deadpool, and X-Force in the far future where they are about to meet up with their old nemesis, Stryfe. Once again Deadpool seems to steal the spotlight with his one-liners. “Continuity stickler” made me laugh out loud. As events go, this one seems to still be shaping up well, but part 2 didn’t seem to go anywhere. More build up but little pay off. I’m in for the long haul, but any great “event” has peaks and valleys, not just a bunch of valleys until the end. I hope we get a peak soon. My Score: C+


Amazing Spider-Man #590

Huh, say what you want about Dan Slott but for me, in one issue of Spider-Man, he did more to make the Fantastic Four fun again, than Millar has done for his entire run. That said, I wish I could enjoy this series more than I do. Twice in one month now Peter has revealed his secret identity to two different groups of friends; officially destroying everything that BND created. I really hope there is a reason for this because at the moment I rank this much farther up on the turkey scale than the whole Clone Saga. In fact at this point, I miss the Clone Saga. My Score: C-


Seaguy #1

All hail Seaguy! Oh how I’ve missed him. Everything that I dislike about Grant Morrison’s work with DC is everything that I love with his original characters. Picking up where volume one left off, Seaguy is morning the loss of his best bud: Chubby the Tuna. This does not sit well with forces that seem to be floating on the peripheral of Seaguy’s life. Old characters and some new can be found in the first of the three issue series. If you enjoyed the first volume, I think you’re going to like this one. I know I did. Probably my favorite comic of the week. Morrison’s bizarre and hilarious style is perfect in the venue and deserves all the praise it gets. My Score: A


Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat #1

Written by Joe Harris and some decent art by Jim Calafiore can’t save this one shot that was seems to only be written for one pertinent piece of information – Langstrom can now turn into Man-Bat without the help of his magic potion. If you haven’t bought this but were thinking about picking it up – don’t. I just told you what you needed to know. Save the money. And I never make that suggestion lightly. My Score: D-


Teen Titans Annual #1

Still another prelude to Sean McKeever’s mega-crossover, “Deathtrap”. It’s a continuing set up, one that brings the Teen Titans into Jericho’s notorious plot to hurt or destroy everything connected to the word “Titan”. The good thing about this issue is that it begins showing some very interesting relationships between members of the new team before Titans Tower (under the control of Cyborg who is actually under control of Jericho) attacks them. I think there’s some great potential for this team, and I like the dynamics that Sean is setting up here, but the Tower turning on them has been done before, hasn’t it? If it hasn’t, it feels like it has. Still not feeling the synergy of this story, but since I’m a fan of Sean’s both as a writer and as a very nice person, I’m keeping my fingers crossed... but I refuse to hold my breath. My Score: C


Buffy the Vampire Slayer #24

I stated recently that I haven’t been a fan of what has been going on in this book, of late. Boy did that turn around with just one issue! The reappearance of Faith and Giles in the hands of writer Jim Krueger made this issue one of my favorites of the whole run, thus far. Not only do we get to see Faith being the badass Slayer that she is, but we also get to read some great dialogue between Giles and the only other remaining member of the Counsel. In fact, it’s the aforementioned member that has struck a deal with a demon that keeps the vamps away from the town that he is helping. All he has to do is feed the demon children or Slayers! Oh how the arrogant have fallen! This issue has it all: The quirky dialogue, the still conflicted Faith, and most importantly, a reminder of just how important Giles is to the Buffyverse. My Score: A-

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