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Your Top Modern Characters part 22

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:20 am

As we get closer and closer to the 10 point mark, it amazing me how some characters got under 10, and some others got this much?
253. Three Characters (8 points each)


Year first appeared: 1992

If this character does not represent 90's comics, I dunno what does. And I am sure he represents so much more as well. Lets play a game, what does this character represent besides 90's? K go! Or we can play another game called "What the hell is that thing on his head?"

Thomas was an unpopular kid in high school, who was failing both academically and socially. His dad was a geneticist, and Thomas, while in his father's lab, decided to drink a vial of his father's experiment. It transformed him into an 8 foot tall, nearly two thousand pound creature with rock-like skin. In this new form, Thomas found a new identity. But inside this mountain-like hero is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. Badrock has a lot of power at his fingertips, but still is mentally immature. Later, Thomas assumed the identity of Badrock when he was recruited to join the high-profile government super team, Youngblood.

With this new form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Though he possesses amazing physical abilities, he likes to use blades and guns in battle.


Richard Fell

ImageYear first appeared: 2005

The comic is an experiment by Ellis in order to create a more affordable comic by producing a lower page count than normal. This is balanced by a nine-panel grid format for each page, in order to compress the story into the smaller size. Ben Templesmith's artwork creates a hazy outline that accompanies the immoral haze of a decaying noir style city.

Each issue is also a self-contained story, supplemented with behind the scenes shots of unfinished artwork, a text section where the author expands the story's background, provides excerpts from the script, and (tentatively) answers reader e-mail. The series suffers from scheduling issues due to the artist and writer's other commitments. For example issue 9 was published nearly a year after issue 8 and, despite promises in issue 9, issue 10 has failed to yet meet its scheduled release date.

The story is about Richard Fell, a homicide detective who has been reassigned to the city of Snowtown. Snowtown, whose location is never specified, is a city whose conditions are somewhere between the urban decay of America's worst inner cities and the poverty of a third-world country. Described at one point as a "feral city", its denizens are generally desperate, hostile, or both. Violence is commonplace, and whole chunks of the city are without proper utilities. Conditions are so bad, in fact, that the citizenry have taken to spray painting giant S's that have been crossed out as a form of protective magic, in the hopes that Snowtown will not harm what has been labeled as its own. As one of "three and a half detectives" in the entirety of Snowtown (one having no legs), Fell is determined to do all he can to better the city in many ways. He takes calls on his time off, he ignores a lack of a warrant for the sake of a little girl and he pushes through efforts to hire more precinct employees. He is noted by his powers of observation and deduction (a salute to Sherlock Holmes) and his ever-present Polaroid camera.

Snowtown is not without its share of mysteries, including its location, which is near a body of water somewhere. According to Lt. Beard, it is "miles from anywhere, and colder than Eskimo nipples." Also unclear are the reasons for Fell's transfer though it involves an injured partner with recurring memory loss. Fell's city setting is anonymous with Snowtown obviously being a mixture of many downtown areas.

Richard meets the owner of a bar, Mayko, who is a young woman of Vietnamese descent. While Richard is spending an evening at her apartment, Mayko brands him while she is drunk and under the influence of painkillers, burning the Snowtown emblem into his neck. Later she and Richard make up and start spending more time together.

An interesting minor character seen in passing throughout the series is the nun. She appears as a short, somewhat heavyset nun in a habit, wearing a Richard Nixon mask and having black eyes with tiny white pupils. Thus far, the nun has been seen buying ice cream, purchasing a handgun, hiring the services of a prostitute, and apparently robbing a beggar. Richard's thought on his first sighting of the nun: "I need to think of a reason to arrest her for." Ellis has yet to indicate the nun's place in the grand scheme of Snowtown, but indicates she is getting "more dangerous" at the end of an issue, referring to her purchasing a gun in the next issue.



Year first appeared: 1993

There have been three Redeemers in the Spawn series, the first one appeared in spawn #16 This one had an alter ego of Jason Wynn, and a slightly different appearance from the other Redeemers. A Redeemer is essentially an Anti-Spawn (Also his name, when he first appeared), made from Angelic fire, heavens version of necroplasm. The first Redeemer had a purple cape, a grayish suit, and was littered with many golden crosses. This Wynn Redeemer felt great pain constantly, due to the angelic fire he was melded with. It could be quite possible that one of the reasons he felt such great pain was because he wasn't "Pure" enough. The Redeemer was one of Spawn’s most difficult enemies, in fact he was only defeated (The first time) by being distracted by alley bums, thusly giving Spawn an opportunity to defeat this Wynn Redeemer. The Redeemer was called back to an angel station to be infused with even more angelic fire, but as listed earlier Wynn was not pure enough, and thusly was unable to continue his escapades as the Redeemer, he was then sent back to Earth with his mind wiped of all Spawn/Redeemer memories.

The second Redeemer was a former criminal, who while in jail became highly religious. This new "Redeemed" man was named Phil Timper. Timper, released after two years for Grand Theft. Timper was last scene in a soup kitchen, giving food to homeless, before he is teleported to an angel station, where he is painfully infused with Angel Fire. It appears, however, that this Redeemer doesn't feel constant pain, unlike his predecessor. This new, and improved Redeemer was sent to Earth to track, and return a strange necroplasmic signal emanating from Spawn's homeless friend, Bobby. As the Redeemer attempted to kidnap Bobby, a quick battled between spawn, and the redeemer ensued. Spawn was quickly defeated in his weakened state, and Bobby, along with the Redeemer, was teleported to an orbiting angel base. Soon after this battle with the Redeemer, Spawn’s costume began to change to a more intimidating, armored form. Spawn then attacked an Angel base on Earth that was in a supposed Neutral zone. Spawn then took an angel hostage, threatening to squeeze the life out of her, or blow her head of with necroplasmic energy. Spawn's suit wasn't powerful enough to cause anyone much harm, but his bluff had worked. This old angelic woman spawn takes hostage, is hinted at later, of being God. Which later contradicts the later storyline.

When the angels buy into Spawn's bluff, the Redeemer is teleported back into the station, with Spawn’s friend, Bobby. A quick battle occurs, leaving the redeemer without a hand. As angelic energy is spewing from The Redeemer’s stub, Spawn, and Bobby escape from the building.

There is one more Redeemer to appear in the spawn series, however this one's appearance has drastically changed. This new Redeemer is no longer gray, but bluish, he also is heavily armored, caries a sword, and most noticeably has two very large wings. This new Redeemer is the transformed soul of the recently injured Eddie Frank, who murdered his father due slightly to Spawn’s actions earlier in the series. This Redeemer is quite a match for Spawn, until Mammon visits Eddie Frank’s body in the hospital, and tells him the truth behind Spawn, and his father. Eddie with his repressed memories now void, attempts to save Spawn from the hell he's recently been pulled into, requested via Coglistrio. While in hell the Redeemer is told to find a box that contains the last seed of Eden. Unfortunately the Redeemer is left in hell, which isn't exactly the best place for an angel to be stuck in, Until Nyx later frees him. Once free the Redeemer continues his attack on Spawn, however Spawn wins the battle by cutting the Redeemer’s wings off, with his own sword. The Redeemer then transforms back into Eddie Frank, which contradicts his appearance in a hospital.


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