Cleaning the Plate for 2/18/09 - Spoilers

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Cleaning the Plate for 2/18/09 - Spoilers

Postby LOLtron » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:56 pm

An X-Cellent time to be an X-Fan! Image

Uncanny X-Men #506

The foundation book of which all other X-books have sprung from has really hit a new height with writer Matt Fraction at the helm. It feels like old school days in the logically cool new setting of San Francisco. This issue was actually a bit quiet, but still powerful in its characterization. Both Colossus and Beast seem to be the main focus as both work off personal demons that they have been harboring. In the meantime, Gray Malkin Industries (the new home of the X-Men) are getting quite a few refugees. This may not sound like an issue with much, but this book has become so enjoyable that Matt may actually change my opinion on Emma Frost. No easy feat! My Score: B+

X-Men: Legacy #221

Although this particular issue wasn’t the best of what this book has been offering, it still maintains a high quality of love for Professor Xavier, continuing to make him a much more rounded individual. It’s great to see the Joss Whedon creation of Danger back and the inner conflict between Rogue and her mother, Mystique, is probably some of the best written dialogue between the two of them that I have read in years. My Score: B

X-Factor #40

When all is said and done, Peter David and team are knocking this one out of the ballpark month after month. Even without the jaw dropping endings of both this and last issue, this book has been knocking it out of the park with consistently strong stories that bring you right into the personal lives of these heroes as well as the seat gripping danger that constantly surrounds them. This issue focuses on the repercussions of the final pages of last issue, and in doing so, David makes sure it centers on our lead character: Jamie Madrox. Here is a man who is devastated by what has been done to him, an injustice that has not come from an outside enemy, but nature itself. This book couldn’t get any better. My Score: A

X-Men: Kingbreaker #3 of 4

The cover of Polaris alone is worth the price of admission to this story. However, as is the case with any mini series or longer arc, there’s always that one issue that is mostly just filler and battle that takes you to that last chapter. Even though this has been an extremely entertaining story, and one that really deserves some high praise, this issue was still that filler; and it didn’t detract from what is still looking to be one of the best stories Marvel puts out in 2009. My Score: B-


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