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11/19/08 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le Spoils!

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:36 am

Another, light, fluffy, all-DC week:  

BATMAN & THE OUTSIDERS #13 -- a perfect appetizer, as it only took about 3 minutes to read, and so didn't take away any room for the later courses; Croc and Mr. Freeze storm into the Iceberg Lounge to fight with some Intergang stooges (and I already don't remember what happened to Freeze and Croc...that should tell you how substantial this issue was), then Man-Bat and Batgirl (separately) do the same; seems Batgirl is recruiting Gotham vigilantes, each with a different skill set, to be used as replacements for Batman based on what situation calls for what skills...sounds like one of BubbaKanoosh's create-a-week themes; she also recruits Spoiler and the new Vigilante (who, in yet another example of how comics aren't for kids at DC anymore, in a book with the name Batman on the cover, is shown walking up to the bouncer at Johnny Stitches's club and literally blowing his brains out the back of his skull...yeesh), and talks to Alfred in the cave who notices her plans include everyone except Nightwing; this of course sets up the last page where Dick say he and Batgirl need to have a talk; this book just continues its post-Dixon freefall...hated it.


ROBIN #180 -- a much better offering, as Nicieza continues his win streak on this book; Tim defeats Red Robin (twice) and figures out his identity and later unmasks him (it's the General, for those of you who didn't see that coming), but then stumbles into a trap laid by the General's partner/boss, Anarky; more of Fabe's go-to theme (hard choices), more nice action, more good characterization, more purty art from FW II; liked it.


KC SPECIAL: MAGOG -- half origin, half continuing story of Magog and the new pro-Gog JSAers, as we see Magog moving down the justice-by-any-means path we all expect; he kills a lot of really bad guys and mourns his dead unit, as Gog changes the course of a river and helps more local natives; an interesting look at Lance Cpl. Reid with some great art, but another one that's not for the kiddies; back-up is a short origin of the 31st-Century Starman by Johns and Kolins...not much to it, but pretty art; overall, liked it.


TRINITY #25 -- a little bit of filler in the front half, as we see the new Earth's Barry Allen telling Carter Hall how he formed the vigilante Justice League as an answer to the JSI's more fascistic tendencies, we see Tarot get to Opal City to meet Opal's resident fortune-teller and a Starman fave supporting character, Charity, and we see Enigma and Morgaine come to a new accord; this is another week where the back-up is more interesting, as we see ex-spy Freddie Pennyworth assemble the rag-tag band of adventurers who may hold the key to fixing the whole mess: himself, JSI stalwart Interceptor (Kara Zor-El), tabloid TV star Lois Lane, Zucco mob mook Richie Grayson, vigilante "terrorist" Nemesis, and librarian Donna Troy; line of the week so far: "You're saying...I slid down a pole, into a cave...I was wearing shorts and pixie boots...and it wasn't a dirty movie?"; not as good as some recent installments, but I liked it a lot nonetheless.

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