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Cleading the Plate for 12-03-08 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:30 am

A new week spotlighting three mini series

X-Infernus #1
ImageYou know this is going to be one heck of a ride when the series opens with Colossus confronting Cyclops on their lack of progress and retrieving his sister, and finishing the argument with the comment: “I should have expected as much from the man who left his brother for dead in space.” Oof! The beginning of this four part mini-series focuses on the lost Soul Sword and Bloodstones that Illyana is so desperately searching for in Limbo. Who actually has it, is a bit of a surprise, and is a nice touch to the set up of this story. The major shocker, though, comes with Pixie (whose actually growing on me), as she reveals to Nightcrawler her soul dagger that suddenly takes her over and stabs Kurt in the heart! That’s not the real shocker, though. That comes when Hank is called in and pulls out not only the dagger, but the Soul Sword as well! A real: yeahbutwah, moment. Once pulled from Kurt’s body, Illyana detects it and suddenly appears in the Danger Room, in all her demonic glory. Having grown up with this character, I’ve become emotionally invested in her, as well as her brother, and it looks like Cebulski is too. Although this was all set up, it was done well, with great art to back it up. I’m very excited about this story. My score: B+



Terror Titans #3
Sean McKeever is having fun with this series, and it shows. He’s also made Clock King an actual villain worth some respect. He’s taken some B and C list villains and given them a little more depth; especially Dreadbolt who seems to take out his Daddy issue’s in a big way! It’s also apparent that McKeever loves Ravager, having created this mini-series around her. It’s the art team of Bennett/Jadson/Reis that I really love on this title, though. All that being said, this story seems to have some pretty deep lows – Ravagers character being one of the weakest points. I wish Sean or the powers that be, would make up their mind and decide exactly whose side she’s on. Add to that the fact that even though I’m loving Clock King, I can’t help but think that the storyline seems more suited for the villain, Roulette, and I’m left a bit wanting at the end of each issue. Still, it’s a fun read. My Score: B-



Terra #3
Speaking of Titans, we are now into our third incarnation of Terra, and boy is this one going to be a doozy. Just when I thought Palmiotti was heading in one direction with the new Earth powered heroine, he hints to something completely different. How does this all tie in with Geo-Force and the people of the underground dwelling, Strata... beats the hell out of me. If I’m not mistaken, Dr. Mid-Nite discovered in the first issue that this Terra’s DNA was exactly like Brion’s dearly departed sister. But by the end of this issue, we’ve got a totally different story. I’m hoping they explain this well enough in the final issue, but so far I’ve been less than impressed. My Score: C-


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