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4/15/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoils!!

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:41 am

A little late, but here we go!  


ImageGL Corps #35
Another fine issue from Tomasi & Gleason, as this book keeps rocking along toward Blackest Night. The Red Lantern causes a Sciencell jailbreak for all the captured Sinestro Corps members, leading to a huge fight on Oa between them and Guy, Kyle, Salaak, Kilowog, and the rest. Sodam and Arisia take the fight to Arkillo and the other free SC members on Daxam, and Sinestro decides to pay a visit to his long-lost daughter on Korugar, who turns out to be (surprise, surprise!) Soranik Natu. More great art, good character bits, and fast-moving ring-slinging action in one of DC's monthly best. I liked it.



Fables #83Image
Who needs Final Crises or Secret Invasions? One set-up issue in, and the Great Fables Crossover is already the best epic of the year. Mr. Dark's influence is tearing New York apart, and is even being felt all the way out at the farm, as Stinky gets uppity, and Beast and Bigby throw down in the streets. Meanwhile, Jack calls in to warn everyone of the Literals, especially Kevin Thorn, and the impending rewrite/end that the whole world may suffer. The big fight was quick but brutal, and beautifully rendered by Buckingham, Stinky's new blue religion was a neat scene (which gives me hope for at least partial "rewrites" by Thorn at the end of this arc to bring back a couple currently-dead Fables), and it was great to see Jack interact with the main cast again, even if only by phone. By all appearances, this crossover is going to yea verily rock, and as for the first installment, I LOVED it.



ImageCaptain America #49
A look at the supporting cast this issue, as we see what Sharon's nightmares consist of. We get peeks at a couple of our regulars (Sharon and Falcon), as well as some long-absent old guests (Sharon's aunt Peggy and old friend of Steve's, war vet and anti-war peacenik hippie activist Dave Cox -- insert patented Chappy "yep, it all comes back to DeMatteis's classic run" rant here), as well as a glimpse at what the 50s Cap is up to, and hints as to just what the Skull's plan was as well. It's kind of a sad issue, as we see Peggy suffering from advanced Alzheimer's, 50s Cap taking advantage of same, Dave dealing with the fact his wife left him, and Sharon dealing with her memories of Cap's death and re-discovery of her pregnancy. It's a great character work issue by Bru, with terrific fill-in art from Luke Ross, and best of all for me, not a single panel of Bucky. First issue I've actively enjoyed in its entirety since the middle of the "Bucky takes over" arc, and I really liked it.

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