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Hulk Vs DVD Review Part 1. Hulk Vs Wolverine

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:10 pm

Finally! Marvel animation gets it right with Hulk Vs, Direct To Video DVD. Particularly the first half/DVD of the special edition, Hulk Vs Wolverine. Hulk may be the title character, but this is really a Wolverine movie that guest stars the Hulk. Click on the title for more. Marvel animation finally gets it right!

Finally! Marvel animation gets it right with Hulk Vs, Direct To Video DVD. Particularly the first half/DVD of the special edition, Hulk Vs Wolverine. Hulk may be the title character, but this is really a Wolverine movie that guest stars the Hulk. This is the old school killer Wolverine that we have always wanted to see, but the TV and movie studio attorneys were to chickenshit to allow. The suits want Wolverine to be the center of every project and movie he appears in since he is the most popular Marvel character next to Spider-Man. At the same time, they normally want to take out all of the violent aspects that make him popular in the first place. They insist that the guy with claws not cut any one, even when he burst into a berserker rage. The quick way to sum up this half of the DVD is a quote from the supervising producer Craig Kyle on the commentary track, “Some stories, you need a minimum of five amputations to get it right”. He was not speaking figuratively. Just when you think the film is not going to get any more violent, they crank it up a notch. This is in no way appropriate for young kids. This is filled with imitate-able behavior that could send kids to the hospital. There are scenes in this film that are up there with Mega Zone 23 part 2 (20 extra geek points if you get the reference).

Think I’m just being a Marvel Zombie that will over hype any thing Marvel puts out? Check out this clip of the movie from Marvel’s official Youtube page. I kid you not when I say that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the brutality of this film.

It’s not just the violence that they got right this time. First off, they changed the format from a two hour long form, to two forty minuet movies. I think this is perfect for Marvel animation. Long enough to get a detailed story, but doesn’t over stay its welcome. Lets face it. The first rounds of Marvel DTVs were kind of boring. The feature length format didn’t really fit with the stories they were trying to tell.
Secondly the executives, marketing people, and attorney’s got out of the way of the writers and producers and let the film be what it needed to be. In the production of the previous Marvel DTVs the Suits wanted to make the top selling Marvel Comics into animated movies. But because of other marketing concerns and fear of parents groups, they insisted on cutting out all the controversial content that made those stories best selling books in the first place. I don’t necessarily mean on screen violence, but the relationship and moral issues that were the original motivations for the characters actions. This movie is both the story of pre-X-Men Wolverine’s first fight with the Hulk (minus Windago) and Wolverine’s Weapon X origin. You can’t sugar coat those stories and expect it to sellFinally, they put the team of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost in charge of the Movie. As a team, these guys are the most talented writers of the current generation of comic book writers. They are the masters of taking concepts that should by all accounts be Epic Fails, and turn them into Must Buys. They understand some thing that most people in Hollywood don‘t about comic book properties. It’s not darkness and violence that makes a project popular and profitable. It’s appropriate treatment of the characters that make a project popular and profitable. That is what makes the Hulk portions of the film and the additional surprise villains in the movie work so well.

I can not recommend buying the Hulk Vs, DVD enough. Unless you are planning on buying it for a young child, than I can’t recommend it at all. I say BUY, because if you don’t pay for it the executives won’t green light DTV of this quality in the future. It is worth the money just for the Wolverine half alone. The Thor movie aint that bad either, but we will discuss that latter.

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