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NCAA Football Week 3

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:57 pm

TheThird Week of the 2008 College Football Season;TheCalm Before the StormMichiganat Notre Dame:Notre Dame 35 Michigan 17
Remember what I said last week about this game being anunwatchable train wreck? I was only half right. It was anindisputable train wreck, but it was also incredibly entertaining. Notre Dame won after Michigan fumbled away the football 4 times andthrew to picks, despite out gaining the Irish 388 yards to 260. SamMcGuffie has emerged as a legitimate threat in Rodriguez's offenseand someone to keep your eye on in the future.
Oregonat Purdue:Oregon 32 Purdue 26
As goes Curtis Painter, so goes Purdue. Despite getting180 yards and 2 touchdowns on 29 carries from running back KorySheets the Boilermakers weren't able to overcome 2 interceptions fromPainter and 306 rushing yards from the Ducks. Oregon ended upwinning in overtime after Purdue's Chris Summers missed a field goalto win it in regulation. This was a potentially fantastic game thatwas muddied by both teams inability to stop making mistakes in keyspots. It was still a fun game, but it could have been great.
Auburnat Mississippi St:Auburn 3 Mississippi St 2
Yuck. There was a part of me that loved this game, thatloved the players flying all over the field demolishing anything thatmoves. However, there's another part of me that wants to see a fewpoints. The Tigers defense dominated the Bulldogs to the point thatthe only team that could score on Auburn was themselves, as Auburnwas called for holding in their own end zone, giving Mississippi St aSafety. The Tigers committed three turnovers and missed two fieldgoals or this game probably isn't close.
OhioSt at Southern California:Southern California 35 Ohio St. 3
A lot of people watched this game and were all over JimTressel for playing Todd Boeckman instead of Terrelle Pryor in largeportions of the game, but I don't think it would have mattered in thelong run. What I saw was a USC defense that was much faster thananything the Buckeyes could throw at them. Did Boeckman play apretty horrid game? Absolutely. Would Ohio St. have scored morewith him in the game? Probably, but not enough, and it also doesn'tchange how out classed the Buckeye defense was against Trojanoffense.
Hebounced. Bounced!The weirdest subplot of the day was, hands down, theinjury to Charlie Weiss. For those of you who missed it, a NotreDame player was knocked into Weiss on the sidelines, taking out hislegs at a horrific angle and tearing both his ACL and MCL. Thecraziest part, to me anyway, was that when he hit the ground hebounced. Seriously. Bounced. They wouldn't show it on NBC afterthe initial replay, but go find a clip and watch it all the waythrough. His leg turns sideways, falls straight down on it and thenbounces off the ground and flew to the left like he landed on atrampoline. Then, after that we got to watch him look absolutelymiserable for the rest of the game while hobbling around on crutcheswith rain pouring off of his face. Obviously, I don't actively wishharm on someone, but if it has to happen I for it be non-lifethreatening and entertaining. This was both.
Nowthis is more like it!Finally, we're starting to get into the meat of the 2008football season, as this week brings us 10 games that should befascinating television. Not all of them are marquee match ups, butall of them are worthy of a look-in this weekend.
WestVirginia at Colorado:Can the Mountaineers regroup? How will the Buffaloeslook in their first real test of the year? Colorado 24 West Virginia17
MississippiSt at Georgia Tech:The Bulldog's offense is probably worse than anyonethought and Georgia Tech has looked good in Paul Johnson's system. Georgia Tech 23 Mississippi St. 15
Iowaat Pittsburgh:This is a chance for the Panthers to prove that they'rethe team everyone thought they were going to be this season, and achance for Iowa to go on the road against a BCS opponent and showthat they deserve to be taken seriously.Iowa 34 Pittsburgh 14
NotreDame at Michigan St:The Irish were handed a win last week by the Wolverines.Michigan St. doesn't have a lot of talent outside of Javon Ringer,but it will be enough to beat Notre Dame handily at home.Michigan St. 38 Notre Dame 17
VirginiaTech at North Carolina:The Tarheels came out and demolished Rutgers last week. They won't be able to put up 44 points on the Hokies, but I do thinkthey can score enough points to let Va Tech beat themselves trying tokeep up.North Carolina 21Virginia Tech 10
Floridaat Tennessee:Florida stacks the line up scrimmage and forces Cromptonto try and beat them, which he can't.Florida 42 Tennessee 20
WakeForest at Florida St:The Demon Deacons should win this game, but after ashaky game against Ole Miss at home I can't help shake the feelingthat they're about 75% good coaching and 25% talent. I think theSeminoles pull of the upset at home with an unbelievably strongdefensive performance.Florida St. 13 Wake Forest 3
Vanderbiltat Mississippi:If Vanderbilt wins this game they'll be 4-0 overall witha 2-0 record in the SEC and a share of the SEC East lead. I don'tsee it happening. Jevan Snead is for real, and for as well coachedand prepared as the Commodores are every single week, they're stillthe least talented team in the SEC by a large margin.Mississippi 27 Vanderbilt 14
LouisianaSt at Auburn:Remember that 3-2 game I was talking about earlier? This could end up being the sequel. These are two of the 10 bestdefenses in the country, and both offenses are still works inprogress. LSU probably holds a bit of an edge with their runninggame, but whoever protects the ball and doesn't turn it over will endup winning this one.LSU 19 Auburn 13
Georgiaat Arizona St:I hope Rudy Carpenter eats his Wheaties and puts on hisBig-Boy pants Saturday morning, because that offensive line in frontof him is getting ready to get worked by the Bulldogs. If they'resmart, they take a page from UCLA's playbook and do what the Bruinsdid to Tennessee in the second half. Two step drops, quick slants,hooks, and fast developing plays. If they do that they have a chanceto stay in the game, but they also have to slow down Moreno, and noone has done that yet this season.Georgia 38 Arizona St. 21
This should be a great week guys, enjoy!Discuss

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