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Cleaning the Plate for 2/4/09

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:38 am

A slightly above average week. Image

Trinity #36

Doing a weekly series has got to be rough. Pacing is essential and we’ve seen it done well (52) and not so well (Countdown), but I will bet the college fund of my youngest child that this series will go down in comic history as a good solid run. This issue finally brings back the trinity as we see how the friendship of the three shattered at the death of an entire city. Have we seen this before, sure, but this time we’re told the story as if they were actually the Gods of an Elseworlds. Busiek and Bagley have made this a fascinating run. My score: B

Image Spider-Man #585

The revelation of the Spider-Tracer killer is revealed! The identity of Menace is revealed! Spider-Man is beaten senseless and arrested! J. Jonah Jameson goes on the television to rant about the danger of Spider-Man. Is this well written – yes. Is the art on this strong – yes. Has this all been done before, more than once – yes. Could this have been done with a married Peter Parker – yes. Should I be over it by now – probably... but I’m not. My Score: B-


ImageThe Invincible Iron Man #10

Iron Man hasn’t been this much fun in ages. Fraction has raised the stakes since the end of the Secret Invasion and made Tony Stark and company a must read, again. The final three panels of this issue actually sent a small chill up my spine; something that a funny book hasn’t done in ages. Norman Osborne vs. Tony Stark could be the battle of the decade, and Fraction and crew seem to be more than up to the challenge. My Score: B+


The Mighty #1
I picked this up for two reasons: Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne. I’m glad I did. Although first appearances makes you think that this is going to be another typical super-hero story about the mighty Alpha One, it quickly becomes apparent that there is much, much more to this story than meets the eye. For it’s the Omega Team that this story really revolves around. The team of people that not only play clean up the heroes mess, but they are the true brains behind the main man. If this is the true direction that this new series is going, count me in. Alpha One is nothing more than a minor player, which fascinates me. My Score: B+

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