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Your Top Modern Characters part 36

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:33 am

There more characters for ya. Enjoy.
238. Three Characters (12 points each)

ImageCameron Chase

Year first appeared: 1998

Former private detective Cameron Chase is one of the top agents in the Department of Extra-normal Operations, a branch of U.S. intelligence that keeps tabs on the Earth's meta-humans and supernatural beings. Working under the Director Bones, Chase has discovered the alternate lives employed be the shape-changing Martian Manhunter and tried to deduced the true identity of the Batman (she mistakenly concluded that he was Green Lantern Alan Scott).

Her dislike of costume crime fighter stems from her childhood, when the maniacal Dr. Trap murdered her father. Walter Chase has secretly been Acro-Bat of Justice Experience, and Cameron blamed his death on the clandestine nocturnal antics that had made him a target. Dr. Trap later tried to kill Chase, but the Martian Manhunter intervened.

She is highly intelligent, skilled with both computers and handguns; appears to possess a latent ability that allows her to dampen the superpowers of others meta-humans. This unconscious talent has protected her in the past, she has yet to exploit it to the full.



Year first appeared: 1991

Nox, being ever resourceful and clever, posed as the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and seduced Ares, the god of war. Nox, according to her plans, later gave birth to two sons, Deimos, the god of terror, and Phobos, the god of fear. Deimos and Phobos were raised by Nox to do her bidding, and were both sent to apprehend Thor and Hercules. In the battle, both of the brothers were killed.

Not being able to live with the death of her sons, Nox utilized the power of human fear during the Great Fear takeover by the Fear Lords in order to resurrect her sons. They held Clea and Rintrah in captivity, but were both again killed due to the lack of fear in the humans caused by Doctor Strange, this time at the hands of their prisoners.

Again reincarnated Alexander was taken from his father by Zeus and kidnapped by the Japanese god Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi trained and manipulated him for years, under the guise of a mother-figure, turning him into a deadly swordsman. He was saved from the evil deity when the combination of Zeus and Ares' influences removed his brainwashing. Alexander killed Mikaboshi with one swipe of his grasscutter blade.

It has recently been revealed that Alexander is actually the Greek god of fear, Phobos. You can see him currently playing Xbox and telling futures in the awesome new title Secret Warriors starring Nick Fury.


ImageBethany Black

Year first appeared: 2005

Bethany Black (aka Strange Girl) is the black sheep of her deeply religious family. While her mother, father, and brother sit down to study the Bible, she is off skating, smoking, and doing other things her family considers wicked. One day, while being chastised for her behavior, the rapture occurs. Her pious family, along with all of the other righteous humans, ascends to Heaven, while everyone else is left behind on Earth. God sends a message that he will now forsake Earth, and Satan and his demons rise from Hell to take over the planet. Ten years later, Bethany is working for the demon Lord Belial. She works for him in a bar and serves as a pet. She in turn has a pet demon named Bloato. Bloato is a "half-breed" demon, meaning that his mother and father are of two different species of demon. Earth has become Hell, with demons, giant insects, and fire reigning. Humans exist as slaves, used for labor and sex. In her years in Belial's servitude, Bethany has begun learning magic, and often uses protect spells to shield herself from the violent demons. One day, Bethany gets fed up and incurs Belial's wrath. While trying to escape her enraged master, Bloato tells her about the one remaining gate to Heaven, and that if Bethany can get to it, she may be able to sneak into Heaven. The gate is located in Vatican City.

Bethany is sarcastic, but is also a good person. She became an atheist because she believed in logic as opposed to faith, a dilemma which she discusses with Bloato. Despite her strained relationship with her family, she misses them very much and wants to see them after reaching the gate.



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