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Your Top Marvel Villains: OPC part 7

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:08 pm

ImageAnd here is the last batch of the OPC, which means the next post will be the Top 10. Giddy? I am.



Circus of Crime Image

The Circus of Crime was first led by Maynard Tiboldt. It was called Tiboldt's Circus at first, it was managed by generations of the Tiboldt family. During the 1930's, Fritz Tiboldt, who was a Nazi party activist, sent his circus from Germany to America supposedly to give performances. Fritz Tiboldt, who was also known as the Ringmaster of Death, as well as the rest of their circus, were captured by Captain America as they attempted to assassinate several important government figures.

Soon after the death of Fritz and his wife Lola, their son Maynard Tiboldt took the mantle of Ringmaster. With a general decline of income as well as his hatred for Americans, he turned to crime. He decided that if they did not want to pay him, he would make them pay. Several members of the circus quit as they did not want to turn to a life of crime but a surprising huge group remained and agreed to the plans.

The Ringmaster would always use a hidden mind control device implanted in his hat that would set them in a trance as the rest of them robbed them of their valuables. The Circus of Crime has been arrested many times but for short periods since it was difficult to pin anything on them since their victims would remember nothing.


Rocket Racer

Robert Farrell was the oldest child of seven. When his parents died, he was left in charge of his siblings. Being gifted, Farrell created a jet-powered skateboard along with some technological weaponry. He became the criminal known as Rocket Racer.

When a villain named Jackson Weele hired him to steal evidence that could incriminate him, Robert used this to blackmail Weele instead. Jackson could not take the abuse anymore and had the Tinkerer build him a machine. Jackson named himself the Big Wheel (Robert used this name to insult Jackson). Jackson chased Robert all over New York until Spider-Man assisted Robert and they defeated Jackson.

Rocket Racer's career, as a criminal did not go too well. He fought against the police and Spider-Man several times. Farrell even had to serve a short jail sentence. Realizing that crime wasn't the answer, Farrell earned a scholarship to attend Empire State University and has occasionally assisted Spider-Man in fighting crime.

He is now a registered hero of the Initiative. With an ailing mother and repossession of their house, MODOK attempted to persuade Farrell to return to a life of crime. It was later revealed that Robert was a mole working for SHIELD, who would provide him the money needed to solve his problems in exchange for the hyper-nova. Robert failed in retrieving it. It's presently unknown what the consequence of his failure will be.

Rocket Racer has no powers, but uses various weapons and gadgets either of his own design, or created for him by the Tinkerer. His primary gadget is a rocket-propelled skateboard. A cybernetic helmet controls this board. The board is capable of reaching great speeds and has gyroscopic wheels that allow it to race up the sides of buildings. Rocket Racer also had gloves that are able to fire small but powerful missiles, or allow him to deliver a rocket-powered punch.


The Profile Image

The Profile was hired by The New Committee to assist them in their plans to turn Moon Knight into their personal assassin. Detached and somewhat amoral, he seems dismissive of Moon Knight as a hero, saying "if by hero, you mean a borderline sadist whose entire sense of self-worth is bound up in his ability to inflict pain, kill, and generally &*%$ everything up? Then yeah, he was a hero. One of the unacknowledged greats."

More recently, Moon Knight has leaned on the Profile for help in finding his sidekick-turned-enemy Midnight. The Profile has attempted to further curry favor with Marc Spector by giving him advice on how to win back Marlene Alraune.

Profile is one of the few mutants that retained their superhuman powers after the M-Day.


Kro Image

Kro is the leader of the Deviant race, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race created by the Celestials. He is one of the first Earth Deviants created. Besides being a shape-shifter, he is immortal and one of the very few Deviants that are attractive by human standards. He hides this from his fellow Deviants by pretending to be a long line of fathers/sons. Also hidden from the Deviants is his long-standing (20,000 years) on-off relationship with Thena, leader of the Eternals and mother of their twin children, Donald & Deborah Ritter.

In the past, Kro has disguised himself as the Devil in order to try to influence or frighten humans. His control over his own molecules renders him immune to the genetic manipulations of Ghaur.

Kro is also the founder of the Delta Network.


Nitro Image

Robert Hunter was born in Pennsylvania and due to genetic alteration carried out on him by the Kree Lunatic Legion, Robert gained the ability to explode and reform himself at will. Later, he exposed Captain Marvel to a nerve gas, which ended up giving him cancer and his death. Since then he has clashed with Earth's superhumans.

Much later, the New Warriors performed a raid of a house containing the Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, Coldheart and Nitro (who had recently escaped during the Ryker's Island Incident) The New Warriors attacked each member, with Namorita (Namor's cousin) going after Nitro. Slamming him into a school bus, Namorita continued to make fun of him until Nitro let off a massive explosion. This explosion supposedly killed Namorita, Night Thrasher, Microbe, and the super villains he was with during the raid, along with some odd amount of children at the nearby elementary school and surrounding neighborhood. The aftermath was picked up by the superhero teams, who were already split over the issue of superhero registration, none more so than Spider-Man, who was recently recruited by Iron Man to join and serve by his side. Wolverine began hunting Nitro after he saw him escape in the back of a pickup truck.

Wolverine and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents found Nitro, but Nitro used his powers to kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Wolverine. Nitro then took a phone call to a government official who may be involved in the Stamford Incident. After the phone call Nitro found himself in the grip of a nearly fully regenerated, (and very, very angry) Wolverine. As Wolverine beat the ever-loving crap out of Nitro (theorizing correctly that Nitro's powers cannot affect anyone or anything in very close proximity) Nitro revealed that he had been taking Mutant Growth Hormone to increase his powers. Nitro hinted that there was someone bigger behind the events of Stamford, but before the name was given the two were confronted by the three mystery agents. They were revealed to be Atlantean royal guards sent by Namor to apprehend Nitro for the murder of Namorita. There was a fight and wolverine was knocked unconscious. When he awoke he chased the Atlanteans in a Stark Suit and found that Nitro had only exploded and fled from his captors to finally end up escaping. His secret benefactor turned out to be Walter Declun, the CEO of Damage Control.


Elektra Image

Elektra Natchios was Matt Murdock's first love interest, but they split up after the death of her diplomat father during a hostage crisis. Her mother had been killed when she was young during an assassination attempt upon her father.

Already a master martial artist, having killed many people due to schizophrenic tendencies, she went to further her study of martial arts with a cult called the Chaste, in an attempt to find inner peace. She was forced to leave the order by the group's leader, Stick.

In an attempt to prove herself worthy of the Chaste, she joined their enemies the Hand with the intentions of causing the groups' downfall from the inside, but she was seduced by the cult becoming one of them.

Leaving the Hand she moved to New York, where she became the lead assassin of the mob boss known as the Kingpin. She came into conflict with her former lover Daredevil when she attempted to kill his civilian law partner Foggy Nelson. Failing to fulfill her mission she was executed by the Kingpin's new assassin Bullseye.

Although she died and was apparently resurrected by the Hand, the process leaves in doubt her stability or sanity, but she remains one of the world's deadliest assassins, the ninja known as Elektra.


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