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Your Top DCU Villains part 22

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:51 am



56. Clayface (31 points)

A once-famous character actor, Basil Karlo became mentally unstable when one of his classic films was being remade. Assuming the role of a grotesque maniac he once played, Karlo murdered those he felt stood between him and regaining his stardom.

Committed to Arkham Asylum, he eventually escaped and teamed with others who had assumed the Clayface identity as the Mud Pack. Using genetic material from his criminal teammates, he forced a scientist to develop a serum that gave him the combined powers of his peers making him the ultimate Clayface


55. Trigon (31 points)

ImageTrigon was birthed through the mating of a woman from a mystic sect and a god they worshiped. As a side effect of the pairing he was filled with the cast-off evil of the people of Azarath.

Arella, a woman who ran away from home, joined a cult know as the Church of Blood. It was there that she was involved in a ritual to summon Trigon to Earth. Upon his coming he married Arella and impregnated her, upon which she discovered his true nature.

Arella was on the brink of suicide when Trigon left her, until the people of Azarath stumbled upon her and brought her to Azarath. There she gave birth to Raven.

Raven was forced to feel nothing from birth, for Trigon's influence could be spread through her emotions. For the longest time, Raven felt nothing. Nothing but hate for the father who had given birth to her.

It soon came to pass that Raven found out that Trigon was on the move, and his target was Earth. Knowing it was her duty to stop him, she arrived at Earth and consulted the Justice League. The League turned her down, learning of her heritage.

Then she was forced to go to the Teen Titans to help, and together they banded to seal Trigon away in an inter-dimensional prison. Raven still had trouble with her father's influence over her afterwards, seeing as he was not destroyed, but rather imprisoned.

Through her he set himself free and took control of Raven, using her to destroy Azarath and attempt, once again, to take over the Earth. The Titans were forced to kill Raven, allowing the souls of Azarath to channel themselves through her and destroy Trigon for good.

Much rebirths later both Raven and Trigon are back, this time he is using her brothers, The Trigon Triplets, to take over the world. Ugh. Image


54. Metallo (32 points)

John Corben was once a small-time con man, but that was before a victim of one of his scams rammed his car off the side of a narrow mountain road. Corben's body was crushed, and he would have died within minutes, had the wreck not been found by Professor Emmett Vale. Vale was an eccentric scientist who had spent much of his life scanning the skies for signs of alien invaders. Vale then told Corben that the Kryptonians would invade the planet Sohe had to fight Superman. Instead John then snapped Val 's neck. Corben now calling himself Metallo did fight Superman. Lex Luthor once captured Metallo for his chunk of kryptonite for his own purposes, using a back up power cell Metallo escaped. Metallo then sold his soul to the demon Neron for more power, soon after Metallo joined forces with Braniac 13. Corben's metallic body grew to giant proportions after absorbing Metroplis technological infrastructure before downgrading to amore human size. Able to shape-shift his body into nearly any mechanical form imaginable, no and desiring nothing other then the death of superman. Metallo not only fought Superman but Batman when the dark knight found out that Corben killed his parents in Gotham city. Damn you Loeb.


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