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Your Top Modern Characters part 25

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:08 am

We’re at the 250 mark, wow. We have gone through twenty placements already? Crazy.
250. Three Characters (9 points each)


Year first appeared: 1999

Here is a Spawn villain I never heard of, because by this time I was tired of Spawn and him sulkin’ on top of churches. Apparently, that’s when it got really good after I left. Dammit.

After the death of Malebogia, Mammon came into the picture as the big bad for Al Simmons. First an angel, he was kicked out of Heaven due to refusing to fight in their army. He fell straight down to Hell and began a partnership with Malebolgia. He would go to Earth and recruit those who he deems suitable for Hell’s armies, but more specifically: Hellspawn. One day his sights fell on Al Simmons. Mammon, disguising himself as a man named Malefik, met Al Simmon’s mother and seduced her to his way of thinking. Wanting glory, she sold Al’s soul to Mammon. As Malefik, Mammon molded a young Al Simmons into a hateful man who eventually became the U.S.’s top assassin. Mammon also orchestrated Al’s meeting with his wife, Wanda. It was revealed that Wanda’s bloodline connected to a previous Hellspawn who fought during WWII. Mammon saw fit to bring Al and Wanda together to form a child that connected both bloodlines from their side. Al, being driven by Mammon, killed his unborn child and died soon after to be resurrected as Spawn. After Mammon came back into the picture, he repeatedly caused Al Simmons hell, having Nyx betray him; tricking a young man who Al once protected and turned him into Heaven’s version of a Hellspawn, a Redeemer, and had him attack Al; talking Cog into killing himself to betray Al and become Lord of Hell; having Al meet his young brother, Richie, only for him to trick Richie into going to Hell, among many other things. Mammon finally saw fit to bring his plan to motion. It was discovered Al and Wanda’s unborn child was alive and grown and took Al’s symbiote, becoming the ultimate Hellspawn. With Al’s daughter, Morana, on his side, Mammon would gain the throne of Heaven. Unfortunately, Mammon and Morana were defeated by Nyx and is now trapped in Limbo.


ImageDarth Bane

Year first appeared: 2006

Ok, with this guy he was mentioned in books and movies before he was mentioned in comics. Since this is a comic list, I found his first comic appeared and that was in 2006. If I am wrong about this, please feel free to correct me.

Des was a young miner on the planet of Apatros, a far off distant place in the furthest reaches of the outer rim, who hated his job and lifestyle. For years he had lived as a hard worker in the coalmines, something he had never liked. His father had been abusive and was an alcoholic, and beat him when his mother died. He left Des in debt all his life, and the money would never be worked off due to the strict Apatros economy. The planet was made of miners, and they got no money to see. He had died of a heart attack, and all of his miner friends had seen it from a mile away. He couldn't remember his mother, but...such was a story on the far off planet of Apatros. There were plenty of sob stories like his, but he didn't let it get to him. The people of the past were gone. And, if they weren't, they didn't bother him anymore. Des had grown strong, after eighteen years all the skin on his arms had turned into and filled up with muscle. Such was expected after working in the mines. Des was eventually brought to the sith world of Korriban where he was brought before Lord Qordis, head Master of the sith training academy there. Qordis explained to Des that if he so desired, this could be a new beginning for him. He could abandon the hurts and sorrows that were his old life for a chance to become more, so much more. He went on to say that apprentices would choose new names to mark the beginning of there new lives. Des had remembered what his father used to call him as a child, remembered how he was weak and now he would be strong, he replied. My name will be Bane. Bane of all Sith. And so...A legend was born.

Under the tutelage of the Blademaster, Kas’im, Bane had learned to harness the dark side and apply it to enhance his speed and agility during lightsaber combat. By training to fix his weaknesses he was able to gain prestige in the Academy by winning duels. Even though Bane had been gaining prestige most of the apprentices viewed him as a joke due to his age and the extra attention he had been receiving from the other masters, but during a duel against the student Fohargh his true power was viewed by all. After receiving a vicious slice across the right shoulder and untrained in fighting left-handed Bane was beaten yet Fohargh had no intension in ending the fight then. He taunted and humiliated Bane in front of the rest of the apprentices in an attempt to break his spirits. Right before Fohargh was about to end the fight he referred to Bane as “Bane of the Sith” but did not say it with respect, he said it with disdain just like how Bane’s father referred to him. The words brought rage and power to Bane and he sent Fohargh flying through the air to land just before the feet of Kas’im, and as Bane rose to his feet Fohargh was scrambling on the ground gasping for air. The other students noticed that Bane was using the force to slowly crush Fohargh’s windpipe. Kas’im stated that this act of power was enough and waited for Bane to release Fohargh from his grasp but Bane had other plans. With the power of the dark side Bane collapsed Fohargh’s windpipe and ended his life stating, “Now it’s enough.” As he turned to return to the inside of the Academy the rest of the students parted in fear to let Bane pass. Time passed and Bane’s powers grew, he spent much of his time studying in the temple archives. He read the words of Sith Masters long forgotten. It was during his studying he found a Sith Lord named Darth Revan, Revan’s words spoke to Bane with a ring of truth. Bane had found a kindred spirit and a worthy teacher.



I never heard of this, but I love the art of Mike Kunkel so I just may pick it up. If you do not know who Mike Kunkel is, he did that Shazam comic with sorta caricature artwork.

Anywho, this sorta has a Calvin and Hobbes feel to it, but with a superhero twist. Herobear and the kid is a nostalgic view of childhood, complete with new schools, bullies, true love, imagination and a magic bear. After his grandfather passes away, young Tyler inherits an old stuffed toy bear and broken pocket watch. He soon learns that things aren't always what they seem, and that you shouldn't judge a bear by its cover. I stole the last part from Mike himself, it was too good to pass up.


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