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Postby LOLtron » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:51 am

Back to my old ways, we have an all Bat-family week here, so if you're burned out on the Dark Knight's companions, stay away!  Image


Nightwing #153
Another solid effort from Tomasi and Kramer, if a bit unspectacular, particularly for a "final" issue. Solid character work though, as Dick wraps up the loose threads of his life in New York, has a chat with his best friend, and returns to his family in Gotham. We get a nicely-told Bat and Robin origin recap, and a fitting last line for this book and chapter in Dick's life. I continue to think the Origins & Omens backups are a thoroughly worthless idea that serves little purpose other than space-wasting, and the "Omens" section here is quite foreboding for me: Dick kissing Babs in a Batgirl costume, training Damian in front of Talia, and getting in trouble with fake Batmen...none of these ideas excite me in the least. Anywho...overall, I liked it.



Batman #686
Well, Gaiman's story is weird enough to stand right in line with Morrison's run, but oddly entertaining as well, in an Elseworlds-y kind of way. We have Bruce and some mysterious "woman" witnessing Batman's wake as attended by all his friends and enemies. Different stories of Bats' life and death are told, and Bruce wonders what the hell's going on. Kubert's art is terrific, and while this story's got a long way to go in a very short time if it wants to match "Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel?", I liked it.



Batman & the Outsiders Special #1
A basic introduction to the new lineup as assembled by Alfred at Bruce's instruction, and a quick peek at the weird cannibal-like threat they're going to have to face. An interesting choice for the new Owlman's ID (Roy Raymond, Jr., TV detective in case you're interested), and the Creeper's a bit crazier in his Jack Ryder ID than I'd like, but it's great to see Katana, Halo, Rex, and Jefferson in this book and handled by a writer who gets characterization. I really liked it.

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