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Your Top Modern Characters part 3

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:19 am

Here are more from the batch of 269ers. Enjoy.  

269(b) or Part 2.


Year first appeared: 1993

Oh Hardcase, another Ultraverse character. I really wish they did something with, but I think now they are kinda dated. Shame, cuz they have some fun fun characters. On that note, Hardcase was leader of The Squad, a team of Ultras who fought for mankind and were beloved by the people of the Ultraverse until the team fought N-M-E (hahahahahah), who slaughtered the entire team with the exception of Hardcase.

Hardcase was haunted by images of The Squad's massacre, but was still driven to fight as a hero and became leader of Ultraforce. Hardcase was the most popular Ultra to the public until the arrival of Prime, who stole the spotlight overnight. Hardcase did not have much respect for Prime at first, until he discovered Prime's immature nature was simply due to the fact that Prime was actually just a teenage boy. Hardcase ultimately gave up leadership of Ultraforce to Black Knight.

Black Knight is on MI:13 right??? Ultraverse and a MI:13 crossover, Prime vs. Captain Britain. Make it happen Joey Q!!!



Year first appeared: 2004

Sly. A character I have never heard of. But I am sure some of you are fans of her already just by lookin’ at the picture of her. You know, she is a member of Strykeforce, and is the first of two members of Strykeforce on the list. That’s right, two members of Strykeforce are on the list. How awesome is that? Not so much, I know.

So yeah, Sly....umm....she wears daisy dukes? Oh, she has the power to become invisible. Sorta. Not fully invisible, more like a transparent I guess? Anywho, she can handle herself in combat. She has broken the neck of many soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.


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