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Postby LOLtron » Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:27 am

Yeah, I probably could've done a 2 Marvel week, but since Secret Invasion 8 has been discussed ad nauseum in its own thread since yesterday already, I went with a new Vertigo book instead. This week's specials: ImageAppetizer:
BATMAN #682 -- figures...just when Morrison finally gets me to liking R.I.P. and by extension his whole run on this book, he goes and screws it up by tacking on this FC-related (I guess...) epilogue of sorts in New X-Men "For Tomorrow" fashion, i.e. a needless weird-for-weird's sake coda that makes little sense (not due to the story being told, but to how it's being told) and serves little purpose that I can see; basically by issue's end we figure out that Batman's a captive of the evil Newer Gods (Mr. Simyan and whoever the new Desaad's name is, I guess), who are using some Clayface-looking psychic parasite named Lump who's standing in for Alfred in Bruce's brain as he imagines the story; this is a plot device to lead us through a re-telling of Bats' origin, from the bat flying through the window to Dick's becoming Robin to Batwoman showing up and leaving to Bruce meeting Dr. Hurt to Dick becoming Nightwing; Lump and the Newer Gods are prying these memories out in order to uncover all Batman's memories and secrets to be used to mass-produce mindless Bat-clones; OK let me stop you right here...if they're going to be mindless clones, why pray tell do you need all Batman's mental remembrances, etc? Fricking Morrison...if you wanted to tell an origin story just tell an origin story...; art was fine, story pretty nonsensical; didn't like it.


HAUNTED TANK #1 -- this has potential to be a really fun little Vertigo book, as the classic Haunted Tank premise gets updated, spit-shined, and in a way turned on its ear; it's Iraq in 2003 and out of nowhere the ghost of good ol' General J.E.B. Stuart pops up to protect and aid the members of the tank unit his descendant is leading; however, in a twist that should prove all kinds of fun, said descendant is Sgt. Jamal Stuart, who happens to be, shall we say, a bit less than excited to learn the Confederate nature of his ancestral roots, seeing as he's black; it's pretty typical war comic...the rest of the tank unit is diverse and quirky, the action is hot and gory, but the banter between Jeb and the boys was great fun; best art I've seen from Flint Henry as well; really enjoyed it.


IMMORTAL IRON FIST #20 -- nice wrap to the new creative team's first arc, as Danny goes chi-less to defeat Zhou Cheng; we learn his secretary is pregnant with the bad guys baby, that Cheng has been quietly and slowly buying up pieces of Rand, Inc. for the past 20 years (which I don't think really gels well with past Marvel continuity, but I'll let it slide), and that Cheng's home is actually the 8th immortal city, with hints laid that it's not an immortal city "of Heaven" for good reason; we finish this arc with nice hints of what's to come as well, and this book keeps rocking along; still not a fan of Foreman's art, but everything else is superb; loved it.


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