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The Core(Movie review)

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:13 am

GLX reviews The CoreIt's a piece of crap.Gotta get that out fast. For those of you who want to save some time,there it is. The Core is a crappy movie. Normally, a longform reviewwould require a bit more elaboration than that, so for the sake ofgetting this message across, here it goes....People with pacemakers-dying. Pigeons-dying. Yep.Something screwy is going on and the only way to fix things is tojourney to the core of the Earth. Only a group of talented individualscan save the day. Will they make it out alive?The story is flat out silly and lacks any tension. Ahacker gets his hands on a cell phone for a minute and allows any userto get free long distance on it....for life. A recluse scientist hasdeveloped a prototype version of a tool that can cut through theEarth...with hardly any sense of funding. A conveniently stablematerial that can shield a ship through the Earth's layers? It's inthere. US goofing up? It's in there.Believe me, the story is not the only thing that'ssilly in this film. The dialogue is just plain sad. Nothing about itcomes across as sharp or meaningful. The characters don't have anythingabout them that is unique ,in any way, shape or form.The other elements of the film go like this:Acting-bland
Directing-blandSensing a pattern?If you've skipped the top part of this review and haveskimmed down to the last paragraph, here's a recap-this movie sucks.There is no part of this film that does anything right. It's dull,uninspired and a piece of crap.2* out of 10*

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