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GLX's Side Dishes 3/5/09

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:16 am

GLX is back to give you some reviews of this week's new comic releases. Secret Warriors #2

This comic steps it up from the previous issue. Some great stuff involving HYDRA and Phobos' predictions. The art is solid, but nothing mind blowing. Looking foward to the next issue.

8.1* out of 10*

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1

Didn't feel like it was mind blowing, but an entertaining comic, nonetheless. I'm interested in the HAMMER/Fantastic Four conflict. The art looks great, thanks to Sean Chen's pencils and John Rauch's colors.

8* out of 10*

Deadpool #8

Wasn't impressed with this comic. It felt a little weak, writing wise. The art doesn't do much to carry this comic. Looking foward to the next issue*, though, as Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre are behind it.

6.5* out of 10*

*Deadpool and Thunderbolts are in the middle of a crossover.

War of Kings #1

I enjoyed it. Nothing really much to add on the writing side, except that it'll probably get better in time. A nice setup to what looks to be a kick ass story. The art works well with the writing.

7.9* out of 10*

Spider-Man & The Human Torch In...Bahia de los Muertos #1

A great issue by Tom Beland and Juan Doe. Featured some great interactions between Spidey and Johnny. The weakest part of the comic is the usage of little facts on Puerto Rico. Sometimes, it works to advantage(the police officer's tale). At other times, it kinda falls flat(The empandilla bit). Still, this comic is great way to spend $4.

Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine #3

A fun, though partially odd comic, structure wise. When the comic feels like it has hit its stride, it's a entertaining. At other times, it feels it a bit weird. Lenil Francis Yu's pencils are sharp, though Dave McCaig's colors did nothing for me.

7.5* out of 10*


Side Dish on the House!

Silver Surfer: Requiem Premiere HC

A nice tale featuring the Silver Surfer. At times, the writing feels a little off. When it's at its best, this graphic novel features some solid moments. Esad Ribic delivers a solid showing, on the art front. A must buy for Silver Surfer fans. For everyone else, it's worth a look.

7.7* out of 10*

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