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Cleaning the Plate for 1/21/09 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:46 am

This week: A mutant. An Angel. A Bird. And a Dud.  

X-Men Legacy #220Image
Nearly every X-title is kicking it into high gear lately, but I still hold that this one stands a cut above the rest. Thanks to Mr. Carey and crew, Professor Xavier has never been more interesting. Although this is really the second big title of the mutant world, for the last year and a half, it has focused on the founder, and those that he has done wrong. Think, “My Name is Earl” without the funny. In this issue, Charles is in search of Rogue, to make amends for giving her a sense of false hope when she came to him all those many years ago. As he puts his life back in order after the near fatal head wound, he realizes that this is a mistake that has bothered him the most. To help him get to her, he acquires the services of, who else, but Gambit. Rogue is in Australia, at the old ghost town that the X-Men once used as their base. She’s still trying to come to terms with her powers, but a mysterious female appears and though Rogue believes her to be her mother, Mystique, we find out at the end that she couldn’t be more wrong. If you were a fan of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run, you will really want to check this out. This is the X-book that I look forward to every month. My Score: A


Angel: After the Fall #16Image
The conclusion to the very long arc that has answered most of the questions on what happened after the last scene of the last episode of Angel Season 6. It’s all been building to this one moment, and you know what we find out – it doesn’t really matter. That’s what I got out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what Whedon and Lynch are telling us about the destiny of Angel and Wolfram & Hart, but they sure could have said it a lot quicker and without the anti-climatic ending. By the time Angel and Buffy went off the air, I was a bigger fan of the Angel series, finding it much darker and more intense. Since both comics have come out, I find it to be totally the opposite. It’s too bad, too. My Score: B


Robin #182
What is going on with the Bat titles lately? With nearly all of them about to be cancelled to make room for Morrison’s next huge fumble, these side books have never been better; Nightwing and Robin, especially. Fabian Nicieza concludes the “Search for a Hero” arc in grand style, battling the all new (but much less interesting) Anarky. Although the villain is somewhat weak in character, the rest of this series makes up for it in a big way. Tim makes some very hard, and very mature, choices that triggers a tragic aftermath. In fact his exchange with Commissioner Gordon near the end of the issue is perfect, allowing Fabian to bring Tim into a more mature role. This book hasn’t been this good in years. So let’s cancel it DC. <sigh> My Score: B+


Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2
It fails on so many levels. I even went back and reread both issues back to back and you know what, it doesn’t seem to matter, I don’t care, and I don’t want anymore of Morrison’s nonsense. Somebody call in Grayson or Winnick please, cause I’m ready to take plot holes and off center characters before this clap trap. Still, the 3D stuff was fun to look at. My Score: D-

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