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11/12/08 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le Spoils!

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:20 pm

Lots of extra-sized DC books in a normal-sized edition of the Blue Plates. On with the dining enjoyment... ImageAppetizer:
Kingdom Come: Superman -- a bit of a mixed bag here; Ross writes and draws the pictures, so if you're a fan, you'll probably enjoy it, if you're a hater, probably not; in the book, we get exactly what's advertised, a spotlight on the KC (Earth-22) Superman, as he foils some fairly nonsensical scheme at the Planet by Luthor (allegedly...the whole thing's so flimsy and dodgy as to basically just be throw-away), and has heart-to-hearts with our Earth's Norman MacCay (the "man on the street" from KC) and our Lois; the scene where he describes his Lois's death to our version is powerful stuff, and easily the highlight of the issue, which should tell you how uplifting and carefree this book is (which is to say, it ain't; at ALL); but truthfully, none of this really seems to have much to do with what's going on in the big Gog storyline in JSA, and a good third of the book is just one of Ross's self-indulgent "how I did it" sections featuring rough pencils, thumbnails, etc.; if this is what we can expect from the other 3 specials, I'm gonna be sorely put out at falling for this cash-grab; liked it, but wasn't blown away.


Nightwing #150 -- I warn you now, this review will not be the most impartial you've ever read; I know there were probably problems with this book, I know something stupid was probably in there somewhere that I just ignored...I don't care, because I freaking loved this issue (of course they decide to cancel this book right as Tomasi finally comes aboard and makes it worth reading again); Babs pays Dick a visit and has a come to Jesus with him, Dick tries out his Bat-voice (not TOO obvious foreshadowing here...), Two-Face pays his respects to Carol Bermingham, Dick tracks down Two-Face (who has one of those ridiculously ludicrous kitschy plots from back in the old days of comics intended to rain acid on half of NYC; I'll put it to you like this: it involves a line of 15-20 blimps...I freaking loved it) and finally gets a solid win over a big-name foe; the art was fantastic, the action scenes were perfect for the world's greatest acrobat, Tomasi continues to showcase Dick's relationships (including his relationship with Harvey of all people), and I absolutely LOVED it.


Detective #850 -- I still don't like the character of Hush, but man, Dini convinced me that he can carry a good story; this arc started slow but ended tremendous; Bats escapes last issue's deathtrap, follows Hush back to the cave, gets a little help from Alfred and the boys (and Rexy), blows up Hush (who naturally escapes), and saves Selina; in the aftermath, we get a great Bruce/Selina scene, a scene that's almost as good between Selina and Zatanna, and one final epilogue where Selina pays Hush back for taking her heart (and leading into the Faces of Evil story between the two in January); Nguyen's art still isn't my favorite, but when Dini's on, and he is here, it more than makes up for it; loved it.

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