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1/28/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le spoils!

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:16 am

Sorry folks, but despite its "mega-event" status, you'll get no review of Final Crisis #7 here in the Blue Plates today. No, instead I decided to read three books that actually had a chance to be good. I feel I made the right decision...moving on!  Image

JSA #23

Now this issue felt more like the last volume of JSA...Y'know, back when the book was good and not stretched out into 13-part snooze-fests. Hawkman quits; Black Adam frees Isis from Faust (and I think Isis may have castrated him...more gore from Johns but this was just fun, and well-deserved); GL, Flash, Mr. Terrific, Wildcat, and Stargirl sit around the brownstone and discuss the lineup; Atom-Smasher asks to rejoin; and the two Black Marvels give Wizard Billy a beat-down, steal his powers, and send him back to Fawcett City in kid form, then recruit Mary to their evil purposes. I'll be honest, this issue did remind me why the whole Billy-as-wizard is a stupid, STUPID idea (shouldn't he have had the power to just take Adam and Adrianna's powers away if he's the Wizard? And if he can't, what the hell purpose is he serving sitting at the Rock of Eternity all by his lonesome? DUMB), but by showing him as a kid and getting him involved with the JSA again, it also gives me some small hope that they're going to soon fix this abortion of an idea. Anywho, story good, art great; loved it.


Entree: Image

Where Gail just continues to prove how stupid DC was for not just handing her this relaunch from the word "go". Diana girds for war, plants a big smooch on Nemesis, and goes to war against Genocide with her friends beside her. Meanwhile, we discover that Dr. Psycho has some time ago switched brains with Sarge Steel and has been running the DMA, Cheetah's been behind the whole Genocide and switcheroo plots, and Zeus is making his new Olympian from the dead bodies of Jason, the Argonauts, and other dead warriors. Again, story good, art gorgeous (the 2-page spread of Wondy, Donna, and Cassie in full Amazon armor surrounded by Diana's gorillas and Tom was especially beautiful), as this arc continues rocketing forward; loved it.


NOVA #21

I love DC's Lantern books right now. They're easily among the 2 or 3 best things DC has going at the moment, and as the original and best set of space corpsmen, they cast a long shadow which tends to cover the Nova Corps. But that said, I'll be damned if DnA aren't slowly, quietly, and subtly making this book just as good as Johns has made GL. Seriously...this is awesome stuff. Worldmind has implanted himself into Eon, turning the Living Planet into Nu-Xandar; Rich thinks they're moving too fast and doesn't like it, but the entirety of the Corps is against him. He discusses things with the FF before Worldmind and annoying little Rider brother interrupt and turn the tide of opinion. Rich finally declines to give up the Nova Force, and Worldmind promptly de-selects him, sending him home to Earth naked and de-powered. The best thing about this arc is you just can not know yet who's right...obviously as a reader you want to side with Nova, and it does seem like Worldmind could be starting some bad stuff, but at the same time, everything being done seems logical and helpful, and maybe Rich is cracking up a little. There's a real sense of mystery, and shades of gray so far that make this a fascinating arc. Alves' art rocks too...LOVED it.

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