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10/29/08 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le Spoils!!

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:42 am

This week's special: 4 for the price of 3! ImageAppetizer:
Teen Titans #64 -- Red, Blue, and Robin fight with Bombshell, whose daddy apologizes to her and promises to find out who's really behind her being the way she is...I gotta admit, this part of the story, to me, is tedious to the point of laborious; I realize McKeever plans on adding her back to the team so he has to make Bombshell somewhat sympathetic, but she just sucks; she's a dumb rip-off character who was done no favors by just magically appearing and turning bad after OYL, and all this exposition and gov't mystery stuff to convince me she's viable just ain't working; the OTHER half of this story though, features Zeus explaining Cassie everything that's been happening to her since Johns restarted this title (basically explaining also why this character has gone from being one of my favorites in Young Justice to being an unlikable whiny shrew of a bitch currently), and it is picture-perfect comics continuity work, involving some obvious reveals, and a tying together of long-running plot threads, setting up a big showdown between Cass and Lycus next issue which hopefully will give us Cassie's redemption; fill-in art this issue was serviceable but not great, and the story was equal parts boring and terrific; liked it on the whole.


Justice League of America #26 -- the final battle was a bit anti-climactic, but really, probably all you could expect when dealing with an antagonist that IS the trickster god; some nice scenes (particularly the Paladin stuff), and in all a very good spotlight issue for Vixen, whose powers and confidence are returned to normal, and a new sense of purpose on the team is given too; usual art by Benes, and strong stuff by McDuffie; really liked it.


Rage of the Red Lanterns #1 -- We open just as we did the Sinestro Corps special, seeing Atrocitus get his red ring and lantern and reciting his oath for the first time, then move to some nice character scenes Imagebetween Hal and Jim and Cowgirl first, then Carol second; so the GLs are taking Sinestro back to Korugar for execution, Hal decides he's OK with it, and the scarred chick Guardian talks to the GL she's sent looking for the Anti-Monitor's corpse and tells him he must go to Sector 666; the trip to Korugar is supposed to be secret, so of course along the way we get not one but two ambushes...Yellow Lanterns start killing GLs, and then Red Lanterns start killing everybody; apparently our scarred Guardian is under some influence, b/c her left eye reflects the GL symbol while her right reflects the Sinestro Corps symbol; any who, Hal and John are about to get kakked by the RLs, when the lone (so far) Blue Lantern hops out of Hal's ring as obviously previously instructed by Ganthet, and gives Hal a huge power boost, leading into the battle's continuation in the next issue of GL; nice art by Shane Davis, and everything I'm coming to expect from Johns on this franchise; loved it.


Immortal Iron Fist #19 -- Danny shows he's thinking...knowing he's met the one foe that the Iron Fist can't beat, he recruits the other Immortal Weapons to help fight for him; this of course works in the first volley until the villain chooses the better part of valor, but then backfires as our villain is secretly dating Danny's secretary, who slips him poison in our cliffhanger, where Danny's poised to lose his heart; more great chop-sockey fun as this book keeps rolling along, and Foreman's art is even beginning to grow on me a bit; loved it.

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