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Cleaning the Plate for 1/14/09 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:08 am

Starlord takes a look at last weeks comics with one final look at a canceled series.


Captain Britain and MI: 13 #9
The conclusion to the “Hell Comes to Birmingham” arc is proof that this series needs to be on everyone’s must read list. Lead by Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain, the team finally defeats Plotka, the maker of the mindless ones. But it’s what happens along the way that keeps this book so entertaining. The mystery of Black Knight’s ebony blade deepens, and becomes even more disturbing. A bizarre and somewhat passionate moment between a vampire hero and a vampire, uh, hero, top it off with the revelation that Britain’s beloved is still out there somewhere, alive, and you’ve got the recipe for an excellent book. Next month would be a great jumping on point as it looks as though the team is going up against Count Dracula and... DOOM! My score: B+


ImageGreen Arrow & Black Canary #16
Calling Dr. Grell, Dr. Adams, or Dr. O’Neil... STAT! One of you needs to give a tutorial to all writers of Green Arrow, present and future. With Winick’s run over, there was hope that this series would kick into high gear, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. The appearance of Merlyn had all the potential of being a great epic battle, but fell flat rather quickly. Also the fear of Black Canary once again becoming the damsel in distress is getting close to realization. Let’s hope Kreisberg and company can pull their own trick arrow out of their quiver to change the direction of this book. My Score: D+


X-Infernus #2 of 4 Image
Illyana is back, folks! And all she’s wanting is her soul back. Is that too much to ask for; if it includes going back to the X-Men to retrieve what she needs from Pixie, it could be a bit of a problem. That is just the opening of this issue as Illyana eventually returns to Limbo to find Sym mortally wounded and one huge surprise when she discovers that Belasco has a daughter who wants daddy’s kingdom back! With all the loss that Colossus has suffered recently, he’s determined to go after his sister, and Scott couldn’t agree more. So off goes Colossus, Pixie, Wolverine (because you can’t have a Marvel book without Wolverine in it), Rockslide, Mercury, and field leader, Nightcrawler back to Limbo; where they are greeted with a welcoming committee. Not a band second issue and there’s a lot going on here. My Score: B


Manhunter #38 Image
This is the last issue of a great, great series. It’s unfortunate that Kate and company went out with a whisper, not a bang. Andreyko finished this fantastic run with a glimpse into the Kate’s future. I wish I could say it worked, but when you’re talking DC, you know that the future is mercurial at best. The battle with Sweeny Todd seemed a bit anti-climatic. Even with the weak ending though, this has been one of the best series DC has put out in the last twenty years. I hope the character of Kate Spencer isn’t lost in the crowd. My Score for this issue: C+ and My Score for the series: A-

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