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Your Top Modern Characters part 46

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:03 am

Another character that graduated from the OPC and some more I have not heard of before.

Image219. Two characters (16 points)


Year first appeared: 2001

I love this artist. I love his little Marvel Mini characters in double sized issues. So funny. Not quite Tiny Titans, but along the same lines if you have not seen them. Anywho, they are damn funny. Damn funny indeed. Does he have regular Marvel title out? Yes? No?

Anywho, G-Man made his first debut in the backup story in Savage Dragon #93. G-Man is called G-Man because his last name happens to start with the letter "G". One day he discovered a magic cape that pretty much gave him the powers of Superman. Ok. This does not sound as good as his Marvel minis.


Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate

Year first appeared: 2007

"RIP Gerber, you genius you."

Two Phantom Ladies now two Doctor Fates. Wows.

The helmet resurfaced a year after the events of Infinite Crisis, crossing paths with various heroes, and once again resembling the half-helm that Kent Nelson used during the 1940s. These appearances were depicted in a series of one-shots collectively titled The Helmet of Fate.

It first returned again to the possession of Detective Chimp, who found he could now wear the altered helmet. After acting as Doctor Fate for a short time, he decided he did not have the temperament to wear the helmet and sent it on its way. As it traveled from place to place, the helm was interrupted by the spirit of Sargon the Sorcerer, who diverted it in an effort to protect his grandson, David. David bestowed something of himself into the helmet before returning it to its journey.

Black Alice was the next recipient, who unsuccessfully tried to make the helm obey her. When the helmet started to indiscriminately punish everyone who wronged her, including her loved ones, she realized the helmet would fulfill her desires, but destroy her life in the process. Black Alice then relinquished it.

Next, the helm came into the possession of Ibis the Invincible, and attracted the attention of the dark god Set. Set defeated Ibis, forcing the hero to retreat into hibernation as a mummy to heal. Ibis' last act was to choose his replacement. The new Ibis confronts Set, retrieved the helmet and then sent it on. The helmet crossed paths with the angel Zauriel, who also passed it along after removing it from a tyrant of another solar system.

Ultimately, the helmet falls to Doctor Kent V. Nelson, grandnephew of the original Kent Nelson, who becomes the new Doctor Fate. This was originally meant to have been depicted in a new Doctor Fate ongoing series written by Steve Gerber and drawn by Paul Gulacy. However, Steve Gerber's health problems led to scheduling delays and the material written for the Doctor Fate ongoing series was instead incorporated into the Countdown to Mystery limited series as the lead feature, (along with a back up strip featuring Eclipso), which Gerber was unable to complete before his death.


218. Spy Smasher (16 points)

ImageYear first appeared: 2007

Katarina Armstrong is a high-ranking anti-terrorist government agent who’s affiliated with several American and International agencies. Becoming the second person to claim the name of Spy Smasher, it is unsure at this time what Katarina’s exact ties to the first (Alan Armstrong) specifically are. However, her diamond insignia costume and personal identity clearly suggest they are in some way related.

Much still has not been revealed about Katarina’s past, but in college she met Barbara Gordon and struck up a most unusual friendship. Coming from different backgrounds and both highly competitive with one another, Katarina and Barbara disagreed on everything yet remained inseparable. Their friendship became strained when Katarina cheated in a track race by tripping Barbara to win. Friendship became rivalry after college as the two went their separate ways, but kept constant surveillance on one another from that point on.

Their paths crossed once again when Barbara sent a team of agents into to rescue the daughter of mob boss “Shark” Brennan, kidnapped to prevent him from turning state’s evidence. Katarina became determined to shut Barbara’s operation down by any means necessary. It wasn’t long before Katarina coerced Barbara into turning control of the Birds of Prey over to her. Kat sent the Birds into on a salvage mission that revealed the long thought deceased Ice (of Justice League International) was still alive. While there Kat and the Birds fought the Secret Six, to which Kat found herself equally matched against Deadshot. Kat also takes the time to fire Lady Blackhawk for dissent.

As the team returned to the Bird’s base camp Katarina was challenge by Barbara for control of her entire operations. After the two beat each other to a stand still, Katarina soon found herself confronted by every former agent of the Birds of Prey. Threatened by Black Canary, Katarina leaves disgraced and humiliated. However, Kat left a final parting gift for Barbara that revealed some background information on the teenaged Misfit.

It is later revealed that Katarina was severely reprimanded by Checkmate. It is mentioned that Josephine Tautin personally carried out Katarina’s disciplinary action, much to her enjoyment. Sasha Bordeaux also apologized to Barbara in person for Kat’s actions


217. Doomsday (17 points)

Year first appeared: 1992

Can you believe the dude that killed Superman was in the OPC of the villains list? I know he is kinda hated but seriously, he killed Superman. It’s good to see he received more points here. If anything, he did bring in the Modern era at DC comics. Yep. He was just created to kill Superman. But without Doomsday, we would not have Conner Kent, Steel, and.....Cyborg Superman. Yeah, I said it. Zechs, shut up.

250.000 years ago an alien scientist traveled to Krypton, convincing a handful of native scientists to help him in his experiments. Without a sense of morality he desired to create the ultimate life form. Choosing the harshest environment on Krypton, with the most lethal native creatures known to exist in the universe, the scientists established a laboratory complex beneath a protective doom and began his experiments.

Starting his experiments with an infant not native to Krypton, he exiled the infant outside the protective dome, where it was quickly made a meal of by the creatures outside. Gathering a tissue sample from the remains the scientists cloned another infant.

Over the decades a clone would be grown from whatever remained, and exiled from the protective dome. Three decades later the infant was able to survive the environment and evade the native creatures for hours before being killed. After more years of evolution the clones were referred to as the Ultimate.

Exiled for two years, the Ultimate hunted the native creatures to their extinction. Eventually the Ultimate returned to the dome, smashing its way in and killing the scientists who had tortured it over the decades. Wandering the planet in a murderous rage, fate intervened when the Ultimate smuggled aboard a supply ship unnoticed. Drifting throughout the galaxy the Ultimate became known as the engine of destruction, Doomsday.



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