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Your Top Modern Characters part 26

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:37 pm

More characters for your viewing enjoyment. Well, I hope you enjoy them.
249. Three Characters (9 points each)

Ravanous Image

Year first appeared: 2006

A character who did kinda good on the Marvel Villains list, for I dunno why, but here he is now at the points he should've received on that list.

Little was known about Ravenous before Annihilation. It is assumed that he is a native of the Negative Zone who was recruited into Annihilus' army. During the early days of the war, Ravenous and his Seekers were sent out by Annihilus to capture the current and former Heralds of Galactus. He was involved in the negotiations for the surrender of the Kree Empire.

Ravenous is superhumanly strong and tough. As many cosmic characters of the Positive Zone are able to channel the Power Cosmic, Ravenous is able to channel and opposing force from the Negative Zone called the Essence. Ravenous hunts with a number of canine-like creatures called Currs; they are able to track the energy signature of those who wield the Power Cosmic.



Year first appeared: 1990

Like the rest of her siblings, Delirium is neither a mortal being or a god, she is the personification of delirium (or madness) itself. Her realm is almost completely formless, containing colors, shapes, feelings, smells, and thoughts that mingle freely and without cause. Even she can become lost in it. At its center is a sundial with an inscription in Latin translated “Tempus Frangit” (Time Shatters, a pun based on "Tempus Fugit" or Time Flies) on it. Her sigil is a chaotic pattern.

She is one of the most regular of recurring characters throughout the Sandman series. It’s often spoken that long, long ago, perhaps millions of years, she was once Delight, but why or when that change occurred is not known. Her appearance changes frequently with the only constant being that one of her eyes is blue while the other is green. Even her shadow never reflects her shape, and is tangible, like velvet. She speaks of random topics and it is hard to get her to follow a thread of any conversation. Her childlike appearance and nature makes her seem an innocent, but she is far from it, visiting mortals in their worst moments of madness.

She is closest to Death and Destruction, because they are fond of her and protective, but Delirium finds Dream (Morpheus) "scary".

Wanting to find her prodigal brother Destruction. She first attempted to convince Desire and Despair to help her, but they refused. She then turned to Dream to help her look for destruction through Destruction’s old friends such as Ishatar, the Goddess of Love and War. (Eventually, this journey would taken them to Dream's son Orpheus, who was the "only Oracle who could tell them of their family", thus setting in motion the events of Morpheus downfall.) During an encounter with their eldest brother Destiny, Delirium revealed that she knew why her transformation from Delight into Delirium took place even when Destiny did not and that if necessary, she could pull herself together for short periods to speak with clarity and purpose.

When Destruction left, he hinted the Delirium would go through yet another transformation. He left her with his companion, a German Shepherd dog named Barnabas.

Delirium knows pathways outside of Destiny's garden, which only she may travel


The Rumor

Year first appeared: 2007

"Everyone should be reading Umbrella Academy."

The Rumor's powers are very unique. She has a different approach to having control power over someone else. It's somewhat like having a "power of persuasion" only she has to vocalize her intent by saying, "I heard a rumor...." and then whatever she says comes true.

She is one of the adopted children who grew up at the Umbrella Academy. Her birth coincided with all of the others. These children were rounded up as best as possible and raised together because there was something special about them.

I love the art, I borrowed the first trade from a friend and I need to pick it up for myself. I am waiting for the 2nd volume to come in trade so I can pick it up.



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