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Toy Shed: Transformers Animated Shockwave

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:39 am

Image Zechs believes in Longarm Prime the Transformers Animated figure. But will you?! Come on just look at that picture? How can you not trust this bot? What could he possibly be hiding?





By: Zechs

Ok, I have to admit this has been a figure I've been waiting for a long time to get. From the moment I heard he was being released, I knew I had to seize this figure. After the brief evil tease that he would have been a figure in a future line and that another figure of his in another Transformer line is hard to get, Hasbro finally releases a new Shockwave figure for the Transformers Animated line. Of course he's one of the most sought after Transformers Animated figures (but those who haven't gotten him Target's getting a exclusive G1 color repaint version that's soon to hit the shelves), but is he truly worth it?

Well let's just look at what Shockwave has. For example, so far he's the only Animated figure to come with FOUR alternative modes (crane, Longarm Prime, tank, and Shockwave). In his Shockwave mode he come's with a cannon that G1 purists can put on his hand to envision that one armed, one cannon arm type of action. While when he's in Longarm Prime mode, you can use the cannon to appear as a harmless crane on his arm.

The actual transformations modes are easy (not surprisingly given this is the animated line and not freaking deluxe class Galvatron I'm looking at you) so you won't mistransform them as old Hasbro did in their actual preview pictures of the figures. The details on both figures are actually pretty good translating from his animated form to toy (something Hasbro has been doing quite well I have to admit with this line).

On actual modes. Honestly, the crane mode is decent. It does it job where he can move his crane from one area to another and it’s another alternative mode, but other than that kind of boring. Longarm Prime's mode is actually quite posable. I actually thought this side of the figure would be it's worst and honestly given all the boredom features of it (He turns into a crane? How boring, but then who would suspect Mr. Boring huh be a Decepticon spy?) .

As for Shockwave's tank mode? Well, it's decent being what I'm guessing is a Cybertronian tank. I just don't know why, but I just feel the design is sort of lacking, but still it's ways better than the crane mode of this figure and I understand why he can't be a jet given how many flyers this series has (the Seekers, Lugnut, Blitzwing, Megatron, and that's not even counting the huge amount of flyer characters introduced this season). So it does give Shocky a unique transformation than the others.

Now what about the actual Shockwave figure mode? Well the legs are kinda wobbly and if you add the hand cannon to the arms it won't help much unless it's pointed downward. However without the cannon Shocky is very posable in numerous ways. Like all Transformers the lone eye if behind light gives off a cool glowing eye effect. All and all, a very decent mold of the figure. I really have no complains compared to the previous Transformer figure I reviewed.

 So, what's the final verdict on Shockwave? He's a MUST BUY for if your a fan of him or not. The figure is just an awesome mold with the four alternative modes being the cherry on top of this Transformer cake. Add in the fact that this figure was made for playing unlike some other Transformers so he's a safe buy also for your kid. As this was my actually first Transformer Animated figure I have to say if the rest are like him, I'm awfully impressed with this line. So again:

Transformers Animated Shockwave: MUST BUY!


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