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Cleaning the Plate for 1/2/09 - Spoilers

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Postby LOLtron » Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:26 am

Hey there! Here's this week’s entry, Geoff Johns special with a beetle to mop it up with. Image Justice Society of America #22
And so the end of the Kingdom Come saga draws to a close with this issue, but for such a long build up, it falls relatively flat. What could have been a much tighter script seemed to meander in the middle and drag the tension of the piece down. We were promised this huge division between factions inside the Society, but that seemed to be a let down as well. So by the time we have reached this final issue, the team turning on Gog was anti-climatic. Add in the fact that it took a quarter of the issue to defeat this “God” and I was left scratching my head and wondering why. Not that there weren’t some wonderful moments; Geoff Johns at his worse is better than many at their best, and the splash page on page two and three is beautiful! Add Starman’s line and it will probably go down as my favorite moment in the entire arc. Still, a handful of moments do not make for a great epic. Mr. Johns can do so much better than this. My Score: B-

Superman #683
The ninth chapter of the New KryptImageon crossover continues to crank up both the drama and the tension. Earth’s heroes have gathered to confront Kal-El about the murders caused by a few Kryptonians. They demand he bring them the killers, and a torn Superman is caught in the middle. Geoff Johns, and James Robinson have done a great job in not only keeping this arc moving at a rapid pace, but also building to an ending that I’m guessing is going to be explosive, to say the least. As the Kryptonians and Earth’s best finally clash, it doesn’t look good for our heroes, until the sudden appearance of Zatanna, Dr. Fate, and several other magical friends. For me, it was an “Oh Yeah!” moment that has made me wait anxiously for the final chapter. Superman hasn’t been this good in ages. My Score: B+

Green LanteImagern #36
There seems to be no stopping the juggernaut that is anything Green Lantern; nor, at this point, would we want to. Since the Sinestro Corps War, this book has been firing on all cylinders. Deftly building towards this years “Blackest Night”, Johns and Reis once again give us a beautiful and taught book, which brings Atrocitus (probably one of the coolest villains to be created in the last five years) and Sinestro into a battle of wills. Meanwhile Hal finally discovers the truth behind the Blue Lantern Corps. I wish all of DC’s books were as well crafted as this one. If you’re not reading Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps., you’re missing out on comic history in the making! My Score: A

Blue BeImageetle #34
Why must this book die?! With crackling sharp dialogue and cool crisp artwork, Matt Sturges and Rafael Albuquerque have hit an all time high with Jamie and company. And as an aside, speaking of dying, Jamie does just that in this issue, and it’s bloody funny! Yeah... funny! The one liner’s fly as the six part Boundaries storyline wraps up with the final showdown between Beetle and Doctor Polaris. Although this might not be the best issue to jump in on, if you want to get a healthy helping of how fun this book is, give it a shot. The one liner’s alone are worth the price of the book. I only hope Didio pulls a “Manhunter” and give this book at least one reprieve. My Score: A-

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