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Leaving the Seat Up - Resurrection Man

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Postby LOLtron » Thu May 17, 2007 9:56 am

Resurrection ManWritten by Dan Abnett and Andy LanningIllustrated by Butch GuiceDC Comics, 19971997 was a good year. I was just getting into comics as a hobby, buying some indies, and Dixon’s Nightwing and Morrison’s JLA had just started. And then I found a little pearl called Resurrection Man. I’d heard good things, so picked up [...]
Image#1 at my LCS in Saginaw, MI. I was hooked.

Resurrection Man is the tale of Mitch Shelley, a lawyer who died two years previous, but whose body was never found. He’s now, sans much of his memory, going around and saving people’s lives in order to make up for what he sees some past wrongs in the last couple of years. Every time he’s killed, he wakes up with a new superpower. He’s trying to make sense of the staccato blips of memory he has, and making his way home. He now knows that he was married, and so won’t cheat on his wife. Meanwhile, a killer is ripping the hearts out of people along the highway, and Mitch is being tracked by two women known as the Body Doubles.

The concept was what drew me into this book. It’s not your normal superhero fare, and I liked a bit of change at the time. The art by Guice was cool, and the pacing by Abnett and Lanning was good – stuff happened in any single issue, versus the now decompressed publishing-for-the-trade mentality the big two seem to have right now.

Sadly, the book suffered poor sales, despite good reviews. DC’s not collected this in trade paperback, so any desire to read it will have you scouring the longboxes at your LCS – but it’s worth it.

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Posted originally: 2007-05-17 14:56:02

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