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Your Top Modern Characters part 6

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:38 am

A Morrison character, a bad girl, and a character I have never ever heard of.






Year first appeared: 1993

Shi is a young woman named Ana Ishikawa. Her father Shiro is a Japanese warrior and her mother Catherine is an American Catholic missionary. As a child, Ana witnessed the brutal murder of her father and brother at the hands of an upstart Yakuza thug named Masahiro Arashi. After this, she swore revenge on the Yakuza and went out to become one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Ana was trained by her grandfather Yoshitora in the martial arts. In order to disguise herself, she painted her face white in order to resemble Tora No Shi ("Tiger of Death"), a legendary female warrior of medieval Japan. Ana herself gained the name "Shi" ("Death" in Japanese) for her ferocity and ruthlessness.

Bent on impressing the leaders of the Osaka crime syndicate, Arashi leaves a calling card with every murder he commits – a simple coin engraved with the kanji for death, Shi. Escaping the hitman, Ana is consequently spirited away and raised by her grandfather, Yoshitora amid the sacred temples of Kyoto. There Yoshitora secretly trains Ana in the ways of the Sohei so that she could seek out Arashi and avenge her family's honor.

Still clutching the coins left on the bodies of her brother and father, this vengeful obsession consumes Ana's very being as she completely gives herself to "Shi" - the living embodiment of Death, a demon who since childhood, has terrified while encouraging her in her crusade of vengeance.

I still remember how she teamed up with Psyblade. Oh, the 90's.



Year first appeared: 2001

I still haven't read Morrison’s X-Men. Should I? I heard so many mixed things. Some tell me it was the greatest era in X-Men history, others tell me it was a poo stain. So, I am still debating. They have an uber omni-trade of his entire run out, don't they? I may have to check that out, see what all the hoopla is. Anywho, here is one of the many new mutants Morrison created during his run: Angel Salvatore

Angel Salvadore was a student at the Xavier Institute. Angel fell in love with, and had six children with classmate, Blackwing. The six children were all mutants and had various mutations from both parents. Five of them were depowered after M-Day. Angel was among the few who remembered the events of the House of M. After being depowered, she secretly joined the new New Warriors under the codename Tempest, with similarly-depowered Beak joining the team as Blackwing.

Her mutation gave her traits of an insect: wings which enable flight, corrosive saliva, the ability to make a cocoon, and laying her young in cocoons. When joining the new New Warriors she uses technology, which enables her to control fire, ice, and wind and to fly.


Phantom Jack

Year first appeared: 2004

Completely new character. I have never ever heard or seen this comic before in my life. Have any of you?

Phantom Jack is the eponymous character of a comic book series created by writer Michael San Giacomo. Its publication started in early 2004 as a monthly series at Image Comics, completing its first five-issues story-arc. After a creative team change and a creative difference with the publisher, the title moved to Speakeasy Comics where its first arc was collected in 2005 as a trade paperback.

Newspaper reporter Jack Baxter can turn invisible. Not exactly a hero, Baxter uses his powers to scoop other reporters. His test of fire comes when his brother is captured in Iraq. Jack rescues his brother with the aid of the beautiful Madison Blue, an invisible secret agent for the group 'Miscellaneous'. Stories lean toward realistic portrayals of characters in modern world, not typical super-hero fare. The series ran in 2005 from Image and returned in June 2007, from Atomic Pop Art Entertainment with Phantom Jack: The Nowhereman Agenda, where Jack confronts his evil opposite and faces his final fate.


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