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Your Top DCU Villains part 2

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:22 am

124 to 121. Image 

124. Ares (2 points)

Ares is the God of War. One of the three children of the supreme Greek Gods, Zeus and Hera, Ares is the God of War, loving battle for its own sake. Ares never favors one city or party over another, fighting on either side, as inclination prompts him, delighting in the slaughter of men and the sacking of towns.

Ares is hated by all his fellow immortals, from Zeus and Hera downward, except for Eris, and Aphrodite, who nurses a perverse passion for him, ultimately bearing his children, Deimos, Phobos, and Harmonia.

Ares opposed the plan of his half-sister Artemis to create a new race of mortals on Earth , a race that would make me worship the gods as never before. Ares was outvoted by the other gods and, through the efforts of Artemis and the other goddesses, the new race was created from the swirling souls of women whose lives had been cut short by man's fear and ignorance. This new race was called the Amazons. From that moment on, Ares became the Amazons' sworn enemy.

When the Amazon oracle Menalippe sensed a tremendous surge in Ares' poser and influence that threatened to consume the very Earth itself, the Amazons were commanded by the gods to choose a champion to confront Ares in the World of Man. The winner of the tournament was the Princess Diana, daughter of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta.

After confronting Decay, an agent of Ares' son Phobos, the Phobos and Deimos themselves, Princess Diana finally confront the God of War himself, and after battle , defeated him. But like all immortals he continues to come back time and time again to be a thorn in the side of Wonder Woman and company.


123. Skeets (3 points)

ImageSkeets, a security robot for the Metropolis Space Museum in the 25th Century, accompanies Michael Jon Carter 500+ years in the past, to help him in becoming the superhero Booster Gold.

Using his knowledge of the past, Skeets has made a name for himself as the date-giving, play-by-play announcing sidekick and friend of Booster Gold.

Together, the diligent duo has encountered countless problems, and have always come out (more or less) on top.

Skeet's most outstanding adventure involved Rip Hunter, the time stream, and the fate of The DC Multiverse.

In the pages of 52, Skeets was taken over by the larval form of Mr. Mind (see later on the list). He went on a mad search through time to find Booster and Rip Hunter. Durring the Search, Skeets found Waverider, the time traveling hero who's gold/metal shell Skeets was made from in the future. Skeets dissected Waverider for reasons not entirely apparent.

When Skeets finally caught up with Rip and Booster, he absorbed the Phantom Zone and unleashed a fully evolved Mr. Mind into the newly formed Multiverse. Mind was defeated, Skeets was restored, and the Trio is now patrolling the Time Stream/Multiverse to fix the damage done by Mr. Mind.


122. Fatality (4 points)

ImageBorn to the ruling family of Xanshi, Yrra Cynril was sent off-world to be educated by the Warlords of Okaara. She learned honor and combat becoming a gifted warrior that would have brought pride to her family, had they lived.

Xanshi played a key part in the cosmos and thus was a target of the Anti-Life. The other-dimensional worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips formed an alliance to stop aspects of the Anti-Life from destroying the Milky Way galaxy and gaining entry to the universe.

As part of the New God alliance, Green Lantern III and the Martian Manhunter went to investigate a deadly communicable disease on Xanshi, the first signs of the Anti-Life aspect's presence. Green Lantern's power ring allowed him to formulate a cure and find the most likely location of the Anti-Life aspect.

When fiery earthquakes erupted, Green Lantern arrogantly went to investigate on his own. Prepared to destroy the doomsday bomb that threatened Xanshi, he was completely unprepared for what he found - the bomb was colored yellow. Unable to effect the device it exploded and Xanshi was consumed in flame as torn from its orbit the planet plunged into the sun, detonating the star.

When news of her home-world's destruction reached Okaara, Yrra Cynril left against the Warlords' wishes to discover why Xanshi had been destroyed. Learned a Green Lantern's involvement she pledged to kill all Green Lanterns in a rite of vengeance, dubbing herself Fatality. Most recently she found herself giving a Sinestro ring only to be taken capture by the Star Saphires and slowly converted into a Lantern of Love.


121. Parallax (4 pointImages)

An ancient horror - a being of pure fear that can possess other beings, ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe.

Parallax is the living embodiment of fear, a demonic parasitic entity which would travel from world to world, causing entire societies to destroy themselves out of fear and paranoia.

The Guardians Of The Universe trapped Parallax in the Central Power Battery on Oa. This caused the color yellow's immunity to Green Lantern rings.

Parallax saw a "kink in the armor" in Hal Jordan (see later on the list...wait, what?!?!?!?!), a way to escape. He caused Hal to begin do have doubts, to begin to fear things, and the premature graying of his temples. A series of events led to Hal becoming even weaker; Death and Return of Superman, and the destruction of Coast City, Hal's hometown.

Parallax drove Hal into madness, and when Hal entered the Central Power Battery, Parallax fused itself with Hal's soul.


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