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Toy Shed: Crimson Guard 5-pack

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:30 am

Crashing through the sky comes the fearful cry of COBRA! CO-BRA! COBRA! CO-BRA! Armies of the night. Evil that is taking flight! NOWHERE TO RUN! NOWHERE TO HIDE! Zechs is going to review the Crimson Guard five-pack far and wide! So you saw them in my “Army Building” article. Well here they are ready to be dissected in and out by me to tell you if they’re truly worth the twenty-five dollar price tag. Five figures in all, four of them are from the Crimson Guard mold, however painted in the cartoon colors of the Guard (gray mask with black visor). The final figure has the same helmet, but a different silver colored chest showing off that he is the commanding officer of the guard. They all come with the regular Crimson Guard weaponry: a backpack, assault rifle, and a pistol.

The figures themselves are exactly like the original Crimson Guards from the twenty-fifth anniversary wave. They all have the same posability as the previous one. The Guards so far have had the best molds compared to the other Cobra grunts (the Officers are average with some weird feet, Vipers are the second best figures, and the Iron Grenadiers have HORRIBLE arm articulation). My favorite pose, 9as seen below) is having them hold their rifles ready for a scramble.

ImageYet alas, they also have the same problems as the original, the revolver is a pain to put in its holster. Honestly, the darn thing won’t stay on if you put the darn pistol the normal way. The only way I found where the pistol remains still is if you put it with the handle facing front (instead of back). If you do it that way then it’s a minor fix, yet it’s the best one can do. With that, and the fact it takes some effort to get them out of the plastic box are about the only problems with the set.

All in all the set is great. If I had the money or the ability, I probably buy another set. That said this set is a MUST BUY for any G.I. Joe fan, or parent, if you want to indulge your kid with some fun. If you’re looking to army build with Crimson Guardsmen without the hassle of searching long and hard for them and you don‘t want to get the three pack Crimson Guard set cause of the awful red hooded Cobra Commander. Look no further to this set. They’re the perfect army builders. That said:

Toys R Us Exclusive Crimson Guards: BUY IT!!



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