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Review for World War Hulk #1

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Postby LOLtron » Sat Jun 16, 2007 8:39 pm

Title: World War Hulk #1Writer: Greg PakArtist: John Romita Jr.Publisher: MarvelReviewed by John Lewis and Tony MourlotTony Mourlot: SPOILERSfor Puny Humans.This was a great start to World War Hulk. The Hulk visits the moon and kicks the crap out of Black Bolt. Hulk then gives the people of Manhattan 24 hours to evacuate and have [...]
Title: World War Hulk #1
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by John Lewis and Tony Mourlot

Tony Mourlot: S
for Puny Humans.

This was a great start to World War Hulk. The Hulk visits the moon and kicks the crap out of Black Bolt. Hulk then gives the people of Manhattan 24 hours to evacuate and have Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Strange waiting for him or he’s going to smash the whole planet. Tony and Reed convince The Sentry that he needs to help with the Hulk situation. Iron Man then cuts a deal that states, any unregistered hero will get a full pardon if they help with the Hulk and turn themselves in when it’s over. The heroes are able to evacuate 5 million citizens before the Hulk arrives. Iron Man is there in new armor and fights the Hulk. Avengers tower is destroyed during the fight.

Great writing by Pak here. The story was well paced and had plenty of action. One of the best moments was Hulk showing a beaten Black Bolt as he issued his ultimatum to the people of Manhattan. What I really liked was the portrayal of Tony Stark. For the first time since Civil War started, Tony was shown as a hero and not the villain Marvel has made him recently. I only hope the whole series is as good as this first issue. What did you think Emmanuelle Lewis?

John Lewis: I thought it was a solid issue. It really didn’t reveal anything solicitations or previews already stated however Pak’s a good enough writer to make it interesting. Also, I really enjoyed when the Hulk beat the shit out of Iron Man. This series is off to a good start.

John Romita Jr.’s one of the best artists in the business and WWH is no exception, he knocks it out of the ballpark. What do you think of the art, Gary Coleman?

Tony Mourlot: Well, I’m not a big Romita Jr. fan. I didn’t enjoy his run on Amazing Spider-Man or his run on Wolverine. However, his work here was good. I think his style fits characters like the Hulk more than it does Spider-Man. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed his work here. Anything else to add Jameel White?

John Lewis: The next issue of Incredible Hulk comes out next week. Fuck yeah, Verne Troyer.

Tony Mourlot: Is the regular Incredible Hulk series vital to getting the entire World War Hulk story?

John Lewis: Probably not but I’m picking it up anyways. Good stuff.

Tony Mourlot: I’ll have to pass on the regular Hulk title. I need to keep my comic budget under control.

John Lewis: Same here but it’s not working too well…

Tony Mourlot: It never does. That’s how I ended up getting Sub-Mariner #1…

John Lewis: Yeah. I’m put to fifteen titles, possibly sixteen.

Tony Mourlot: I’ve lost count.

John Lewis: That’s probably for the best…

Tony Mourlot: Good point. I probably don’t really want to know how much I spend on comics.

John Lewis: Same here.

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Posted originally: 2007-06-17 01:39:00

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