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Toy Shed: Sith Evolution 3-pack

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:39 pm

ImageThree bad boy Sith Lords? Screw the rule of two. Zechs wants them all! Zechs take's a look at Star Wars: Sith Evolution three pack.  


 I've been meaning to do this review for a while, since I purchased these fellas the summer of last year. However, given they’re just so darn hard to find when they where first released and considering with the next packaging and the fact I've seen these figures out and about more often. It's time for a review of these three figures! The three in this particular set are: Darth Maul (shirtless), Darth Bane and Darth Nilhilus. It's kinda weird having Maul stacked up with two legendary Sith Lord masters, but eh it's another Maul figure (and they already have a cloaked and with shirt Maul with the other Sith Lord set (that includes Dooku and Palpatine figures). But in any case here are the reviews of the figures.


I'm starting with Maul given he's more like the redundant figure that was put into this just so it could be put into three pack of Evolutions. However, of the three figures Maul of course has the most articulation of the three (given he's not clogged down by robes and cloaks). About the only problem with this figure really is his lightsaber. It's a pain in the butt to keep on him and really the best pose for this figure is having him holding it in one hand. However, his left hand can't hold the darn saber and his right can.

Also of note, they already released a shirtless Maul a while back (I never got the figure myself but know he exists) however I'm probably betting that one doesn't have the updated joints and the actual fabric that this Maul does. The fact of the articulation and the painted details on Maul still make him a worthy figure. So truly if you’re a Maul fan BUY IT. But if not, I still recommend it.

The second figure in this set, Darth Bane surprised me in how much I liked the mold and the overall figure. Of the three he comes with the most accessories (a lightsaber and three little armor bits that snap onto his arms and head). These bits that snap on plus his chest might be able to glow in the dark (like the Darth Vader with force lightening which had a glow in the dark skull), but it doesn't appear so. The pieces on his arm are pretty much the worse part of the figure since a simple move of his arm will have the green little bits snap off. But quite honestly, I love this figure. The articulation is just as awesome as Maul's. Even more his plastic cape is a little more free moving than other plastic capes (oh the countless Power of the Force Vaders I'm looking at you). Honestly I have to say this figure is a must buy. I only know Bane starting the rule of two and that's about it. But still this is one awesome figure.

Which leads to the final figure in this set, Darth Nilhilus. Pretty much the reason I bought this set (no doubt others where thinking the same thing as me). And honestly, I'm a bit torn on him. I love the detail on the figure. For someone covered in only three colors the ragged details on his form is pretty good. Also the hood can be removed so you can see more of Nihilus' head (which surprised me that the dude had hair and that Hasbro didn't cheap out on not giving him a bald face).

However, the biggest drawback of the figure is his lower half robes. Unlike Bane and Maul, Nilhilus' robes are plastic and cloth thus forming a bit of a problem. His plastic robe make's it hard for the legs of the figure to move all that much. I kinda understand why Hasbro did this given they gave the same treatment to Count Dooku (Revenge of the Sith figure). Another negative is his lightsaber, which pretty much barely clings onto his hand. I mean if a kid is playing with this thing that saber is gonna come out and no doubt the kid is gonna get mad at this. Why Hasbro couldn't expand his lightsaber hilt and have it cling to him like Maul's or Bane's I dunno. However, if you put this figure with your Sith collection he just rules. I have to say I love this figure. But a part of me says if your buying this in singles you might want to wait. I'm really on the fence with this figure cause honestly, there's just so much to love of the figure, but I just know down the line Hasbro will probably put out another figure of Nilhilus and it'll be superior (like the recent General Grevious figure that was released during Fall Quarter which I'll be reviewing soon in an upcoming Toy Shed).

Honestly if you’re buying these figures singles. Get Bane. He's the best one of this set. Maul? He's good but he's a dime a dozen. And there's a ton of Maul figures currently out there. Bane has only had this one and Hasbro made a real good figure for a first timer. Nilhilus is a mixed bag. I mean if your just gonna have him be the center piece of a Sith or any type of collection get him. But if your gonna get him for your kid via singles don't. Which leads me to the entire collection. If you see them at your local store should you buy the set? I would say yes this set is a Must Buy. All three figures are so worth the cost (unlike say the Princess, Jedi, or Rebel pilots Evolution collections). So in short:

Darth Maul (without shirt): MUST BUY!

Darth Bane: MUST BUY!

Darth Nilhilus: Buyable, but only for the most hardcore of fan.

The entire set of three: MUST BUY!

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