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Bono Owns your Worthless Soul, Stop Bitching about Him!!

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:28 am

Written by Wisdom000I often wonder about the state of the world, when people can criticize someone for actively doing everything they can to help others. I am, of course, speaking of U2’s Bono. I have been seeing increasing hatred towards this man over the last few years, usually categorized by statements such as “he should [...]
Written by Wisdom000

I often wonder about the state of the world, when people can criticize someone for actively doing everything they can to help others. I am, of course, speaking of U2’s Bono. I have been seeing increasing hatred towards this man over the last few years, usually categorized by statements such as “he should shut the fuck up and leave world problems to world leaders, he’s just a stupid rock star”. What the hell? We gush and rave every time some roped out hag adopts a third world baby because its the current fashion statement, talking about what a “humanitarian” the scag is. We have no problem with charity organizations that keep all but a few pennies donated for themselves, or throw up commercials with Sally Struthers wearing jewelry that costs enough to feed the entire village for a lifetime asking us for money. Even when they do get the money, they usually have to convert to whatever religion is fronting the expedition to actually get the food. And we can’t stop talking about whatever celebrity farce of a wedding is going up or coming down, or which whore has a new home video of her getting drilled by the pool man has been uncovered.

But Bono, a man who for years now has been actively trying to actually help people, not just by sending money from his nice beverly hills mansion, but by actually traveling to third world nations, spending time with the people who need his help, and meeting with their leaders in an effort to bring about change, this guy gets all the hate?

Yes, he is a rock star. Yes, he is a celebrity. Exactly how does that equate to his views not being valid? He wasn’t raised in a suburb, he grew up in Ireland during the occupation, where violence was an everyday occurrence. Hell, it wouldn’t matter though, if he grew up on Candyland Lane surrounded by talking teacups, the fact that he is willing to use the full weight of his celebrity status to bring about positive changes, and global awareness of the problems facing our world, speaks more for his character than can be imagined. Contrary to popular belief, he is not some pompous ass, doing this as a fad to get his name in the papers, he has been crusading against hunger and for AIDS education for as long as I can remember. What makes a politician any more qualified to speak on these issues? Exactly how does the fact that he is the lead singer for a band invalidate his efforts and views?

More importantly, what kind of fucked up waste of life is going to denounce another man using his wealth and influence to affect positive change and communication? You don’t like U2’s music, that’s fine, you have crappy taste, but you’re allowed that. But don’t knock someone because they realize that their celebrity status allows them to gain
audience with the leaders of the world, and use their voice to attempt to bring awareness and change towards a positive direction. Especially since the most any of us would do if we were in his shoes would be to bang some groupies and OD on heroin.

The same goes for the Beastie Boys… you wanna give em shit ’cause you don’t dig their music, that’s fine, again you have no taste in music, but you are allowed that. But to knock them for their work with Milrepa, and their efforts to free Tibet, it’s just the height of
douchebaggery. It would be akin to beating up a Peace Corps worker for feeding the poor, or helping rebuild an area after a natural disaster. I think it stems from people not liking to be reminded that instead of sitting on their couch watching pro-rasslin and drinking beer, that they too could actually be helping someone, it makes them feel guilty.

Ok rant on wankers over…… Now I am gonna talk about geek stuff….

I haven’t been able to buy comics in a month, and the withdrawal is getting to be more than I can bear. I am suffering from intense tremors, cold sweats, and general malaise. I have tried to sate the hunger by watching Heroes, and by playing the groovy new Justice League game, but dammit, it’s just not working. The other day a guest at the hotel asked me where the nearest comic shop was, and after giving him directions and making friendly with a fellow geek, I spent the next 20 minutes involved in a near hallucinogenic daydream of my fingers squeezing tightly around his throat upon his return, mugging him for his comics. Then another 20 minutes of fantasizing about a Mission Impossible (cue Peter Gunn theme) style breaking and entering of his room to procure his stash…..

It’s not that I haven’t had the money, it’s that the LCS I go to is over a half hour away. One of the groovy things about my old job was that it was like a block away from my store. But because of the crazy schedule of my new job, when I do get a day off, I am more likely to spend it in a comatose state than I am to be up during any reasonable shopping hours. And my car chose now to have alternator problems, which I am beginning to believe is fate’s way of telling me I must be constantly miserable. I don’t download comics, cause I can’t stand reading them on my computer, I need to feel that tactile connection, I need to smell them. Plus I am not a thief, well not really (I stopped buying cds, I figure after they have ripped me off on music for the last 20 years, they owe me a few downloads), so that option is out. None of my friends buy comics, the cheap bastards just show up in droves to read mine, so I can’t borrow their books. No instead I sit here, shaking like a cheap hotel vibrating bed, covered in sweat, and chain smoking in vain efforts to keep my mind occupied elsewhere. I placed my order with an online comic service, but those won’t ship till december, and I am freaking out here people……

When you go from spending 50 bucks a week on a comic habit to completely cold turkey, you learn real fast what kind of junkie you are…… thank god I am not addicted to smack…..

Holy crap…… I made it through an entire sermon without extraneous use of metaphors or mentioning bodily fluids…….

Don’t get used to it, it was entirely by accident….

Next sermon……. I rant about my Cyberpunk 2020 website, again……..

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Posted originally: 2006-11-09 13:28:19

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