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Your Top Modern Characters part 33

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Rain Partier

Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:53 pm

All three of these characters I have heard of, but I have only read books with two of them in them.
242. Three characters (11 points each)


Year first appeared: 2005

Secret Six has to be one of the best, if not THE best comic being produced by DC today. Many would say Green Lantern, but they are wrong. GLC is better than Green Lantern. and Secret Six is better then GLC. So yeah, if you are not reading this book, you better start. Or else.

Peter Merkel Jr appeared as the third person to take up the name Ragdoll in the first issue of Villains United and a member of the Secret Six. Being the son of the original Ragdoll but not having the same "gifts" as him, Peter underwent numerous surgeries that place cybernetic joints in his body giving him the gift he oh so wanted and removed his genitals. Although he now needs a daily dose of emollient to stop his bones from cutting through the disfigured skin the surgerys left him with. From begining to end of Villains United Ragdoll is seen to have a rather strange relationship with his self proclaimed "guard dog" Parademon until his death at the end of the mini series. Later on after the Six assult Vandal Savage’s Stronghold, Ragdoll pushes the Six's newest member (The Mad Hatter) off a cliff proclaiming that their is only room for one "freak" on the team.



Year first appeared: 2003

Deceived by cosmic entities, Captain Marvel helped the cosmic force of decay known as Entropy recreate the universe. From this recreation timelines were rearranged creating a form of cosmic confusion. Events which had once occurred were undone resulting in the resurrection of Genis' mother Elysius and the birth of his sister Phyla - who as an idealized version of the hero he always wanted to be would lay claim to the mantle of Captain Marvel.

Later still, she was seen during the Annihilation crisis. She sought out Drax The Destroyer when Thanos had abducted his daughter, Moondragon, who Phyla had been seeing romantically. She then sided with Nova’s resistance movement and was instrumental in Annihilus’ defeat when the Quantum Bands chose her over Annihilus during his conflict with Nova, turning the tide of the conflict.

With Annihilus defeated and Phyla wearing both a pair of Nega-Bands and the Quantum Bands, she seems to be deciding to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, her father, Captain Mar-Vell and the previous bearer of the Quantum-Bands, Quasar. Even going so far as to start calling herself the new ‘Quasar’.



Year first appeared: 2004

"Yet another Morrison masterpiece."

Never read this, and I dunno if I want too. I skimmed thru it a couple of times and something about it disturbs me. I am a sucker for animals, and I get weepy at the Humane Society commericals, so I dunno how I can read this without being all "aww damn". I hear they are makin of movie on this, can anyone confirm that for me?

The dog (Bandit) is a small tank, the cat (Tinker who is shown in the pic) is a lethal stealth machine and the rabbit (Pirate) is trained to deliver poison gas and mines. They are an experimental animal cyborg group used to eliminate enemies of the US by the government. The group is held together by Roseanne Berry and when the decision to decommission the group comes she helps them escape. Now they are loose and without their medication they wont survive long.


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