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Toy Shed: Resolute Cobra Commander

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Postby LOLtron » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:23 am

It's that time again. Zechs reviews the newest Cobra Commander figure, from the Resolute line. So what if it's another Cobra Commander figure. That's not the point you FOOLS! It's the fact that Zechs can review another figure based on his mentor.. er.. popular villain from a toy line/cartoon. Yeeeeess, I recovered pretty good there.


I'm taking a break from all those lovely Star Wars figures I bought. It's time to swing back to the other toy side that I usually do reviews of, G.I. Joe. But this isn't the 25th Anniversary Wave, nope this particular Wave dubbed Resolute is the animated movie that Warren Ellis wrote that will be released sometime this year. Several figures from the cartoon where released alongside some 25th anniversary figures they were pretty much Duke, Cobra Officer, and the Commander here being release in sImageingle form while other figures were released in two packs. Plus the three where repainted and then re-released (with a B.A.T. also repainted) into a five pack that's currently out as well. But truthfully there was only one figure I wanted out of this Resolute mess and that was the Commander.

As you can see with the picture why I wanted him. His sculpt absolutely rules! I mean just look at it. Comparing him and previous chrome dome mask figures is like day and night. The mask is a perfect mold and look of his classic cartoon look. On the bright side Hasbro realized this too and also released the most cartoon accurate Cobra Commander  (his head is of this sculpt but the body is I think the latest mold coming from the Cobra five pack). But that's not the figure I bought. It's this one.

So after getting past the awesome sculpt how is he? Well accessory-wise, he comes with a nice little pistol and a saber (which of course can be put into it's hilt). As for posablity well, that's about the biggest problem for the figure alas, it sucks. You can pretty much only move his arms forward (and a little up) but the moment you try and move them up. His helmet will get loose on his head and he'll look real funny. The same limited mobility can be said for his legs as well. The dude just can't suit properly, nor can lift his legs up all the way with his um skirt blocking it from going any further.

However, he can still be posed just fine. Not to mention the head mold for him is the greatest. ImagePlus the details on the figure are also spectacular. But really the best feature besides the level of detail and the actual mold is his head. Unlike previous chrome domes this Cobra Commander can actually keep his helmet on if you turn him upside down for an extended period. Sure the helmet can still come off, but it's a lot harder for it to pop off than the earlier helmeted CC's.

So if you’re buying this yourself and aren't say, a younger fan of G.I. Joe I would definitely say this is a MUST BUY. However, if you’re getting this for a kid or are one. Pass, get the Cobra Commander that comes in the four pack with the Best Cartoon Battles. He's more posable and more mobile than this one. Honestly the best thing about this dude is if he's on top of a HISS turret leading his Cobra forces (that is if you're army building as well).

Still, when it comes down to it. I love this figure. Perhaps I'm being blind to the awesome mold and the fact that this is probably one of the best chrome helmet versions (with the four pack being the best). So yeah, I'm sticking with my final verdict:

Cobra Commander Resolute: MUST BUY! (Unless of course you want more action out of him then go buy the Four Pack version that uses this head!)

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